10 FREE Beach Games for Kids

Most of the time at the beach, my children are pretty occupied either swimming, playing in the sand or eating.  When you go to the beach every day for a week though sometimes they start to look for other things to do.  Here are 10 FREE beach games for kids:

  1. Sand Castle Contest:  Who can build the best, the biggest or the prettiest sand castle?  Or have each kid or adult create something and announce awards for each creation.  Try creating mandalas using seashells, seaglass and seaweed.
  2. I See Someone:  We love to people watch at the beach.  Sometimes, we just sit in the beach chairs and observe.  How about a quick game of I See Someone or Something – Observer #1: I see someone wearing red.  Guesser: “Is it the man in the red and black bathing suit?”
  3. Sand Hopscotch:  Grab a stick and create a hopscotch board in the sand.  Use a shell as your marker.
  4. Sand Obstacle Course:  My kids love this one.  Create some lines in the sand to jump over, run around a circle and smash some small castles and then return to the starting line.  Time it by counting out loud or use a timer.  See who can do it the fastest.
  5. Sand Shovel Limbo:  How low can you go?  Hold the sand shovel and see who can limbo under it.  How high can you go?  How high can you jump or step over the sand shovel.
  6. Sand Pictionary:  Draw pictures in the sand and guess what the person is drawing.
  7. Treasure Hunt:  Make a list for the kids to find.  For example, look for 3 seashells, 4 sticks and 2 pieces of seaweed.  Whoever finds it first is the winner.  Make teams and try again.
  8. Beach Triathlon Race:   Create a race that includes running, swimming and sand castle creations.  Determine how far the kids need to run and swim and make a certain style of sand castle.  Can they complete the challenge?
  9. Tug of Towels:  Play tug of war with beach towels.  Tie a bunch together.  If they fall over when they lose, no one gets hurt in the sand.  Play in the water!
  10. Money Ball: My kids made up this game and they LOVE it.  So one person is the thrower and the rest of the kids are in the water.  Call out a price.  For example, $10, then the kid throws the ball in the air (maybe an easy catch, maybe a hard catch).  Who ever catches it earns $10.  The thrower calls out another random amount of money and throws the ball again.  Keep playing to a certain money amount if you want.  My kids just play to play.  It does get a little rough sometimes going after the ball so you want the kids to be decent swimmers.  Although, my kids play this game on land too!

What is your favorite game to play at the beach?

As a mother of six, I know how hard it can be to take the kids on outings.  Whether it be to the beach, the park, camping or the playground, when the kids are young it can be a workout to go anywhere.  When you get home from the outing, the kids are tired and you are wiped.  Stay tuned from some great freebies to allow you to unwind and for the kids to stay entertained without having to rely on tv, tablets or phones.