Play Typography Art Freebie for Home or School

Play is such a powerful tool for children to explore, discover, wonder and most of all LEARN!  I created this play typography art freebie to give us all a reminder of the power of play.

It does not take much to entertain children during play time.  A cardboard box, an imagination and the outdoors is sometimes all a child needs to get started.  This word art reminds us of how simple play can be successful.

Play is….









and most of all PLAY IS LEARNING!

Play provides many beneficial expereinces beyond this list and many children nowadays are missing out.  Watch the video and print your FREE copy of Play Typography Art to remind adults and children of the power of words and the power of PLAY!

The Play Typography Art Complete Packet includes 16 words related to play and the definition for simple decor that makes a statement. Play is powerful as is this typography art. Make a statement in a play room, child’s bedroom or school room to remind parents and children of the importance of play. FIND OUT MORE INFORMATION.