Find the Differences Emoji Style Free!

Find the Differences Emoji Style

I’m moving on to my next theme – can you guess what it is…..hmmmm…..I’m thinking the title of this post and picture is a dead give away. Surprise it’s emoji’s.  I picked emojis because they are cute, fun and appeal to a large age range.  So to kick it off, here is a free find the differences emoji style puzzle.  There are 10 differences.  You can get access to your find the difference emoji style puzzle freebie at the end of this blog post.  When you open the download though keep in mind that page 2 is the solution so don’t cheat!

This freebie is part of the complete Emoji Fun packet.

Emoji Games and Puzzles

Find the difference puzzles encourage children to pay attention to detail and practice visual discrimination skills.  This emoji puzzle is difficult but certainly not impossible.  If you need easier puzzles like this check out Find the Differences – This download includes 30 find the differences puzzles and the solutions to the puzzles. Find 5 differences between the two pictures on each page. All the pages are in black and white. There are plenty of find the difference activities around but many are just way too difficult. This collection is easier to determine the differences between the pictures.  Get more details and a sample puzzle.

Find the Differences Emoji Style