Emoji Funny Maze – Free Printable!

Emoji Funny Maze

Emoji Funny Maze I know kids spend way toooooooo much time talking about poop, trust me I live and breathe these conversations every day and have for the past decade.  The bottom line is poop is funny to kids, so I bet they this emoji maze will crack them up!  You can download the Emoji […]

Rainbow Emoji Maze – Visual Motor Activity

Rainbow Emoji Maze

Check out this adorable, colorful and fun rainbow emoji maze.  Challenge visual spatial and visual motor skills with this free printable.  You can download your free copy at the end of the post.  These mazes help children develop their fine motor skills, visual motor skills and problem solving skills. It is a perfect, no prep […]

Monkey Around Emoji Game

Monkey Around Emoji Game

You are going to love this fun Monkey Around Emoji Game.  You can download it for free at the end of the blog post.  Grab a group of kids, your family or even a group of adults to play this monkey around emoji game.  Here is how you play: Print the two-page game.  Cut apart […]