Mix and Match Robots

Mix and Match Robots from Growing PlayMix and Match Robots

Kids can practice scissor skills, sequencing and creativity with this mix and match robots printable.  You can download your FREE copy of the printable at the end of the post.

There are various ways you can use this activity. Color the robots. Cut apart the 4 robots and then cut each robot into three sections – head, body, and legs. Glue your robot creations onto paper.

Try playing a matching game. Print two copies and cut up the 12 total sections. Make a robot. How quickly can your partner match the robot you created?

Make a puzzle.  Print two copies.  Cut up one copy.  See if your child can match up all the pieces to look exactly like the original.

Add in physical activity.  Print two copies.  Cut up one copy into the 4 robots.  Cut up the second copy into 12 sections.  Hide the 12 sections outdoors, on a playground or throughout your house.  Show the child one robot card.  The child has to find only the 3 sections of that robot card. Once completed, show the child the second robot card to complete.  Continue until all 12 sections have been found.

Need to practice working memory skills?  Print out two copies and cut each copy into 12 sections.  The leader creates one robot with a head, body and legs.  Show the robot to the child.  Cover the robot up.  The child has to find and create the exact same robot without looking at the leader’s robot again.  Want to increase the challenge?  Show the leader’s robot to the child, then have the child complete a task ie tie your shoes, run and find 3 red objects, etc.  After the task is complete, can the child create the leader’s robot without looking at the model robot again?

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Mix and Match Robots from Growing Play