Robot Find the Differences Puzzles

Robot Find the Differences PuzzleRobot Find the Differences

Can you find 6 differences between the robot pictures?  You can download the FREE printable at the end of this blog post.  This robot find the differences puzzle requires a child to use visual attention, visual scanning and visual motor skills.  These skills help to forge literacy foundations through fun, playful activities.

If this visual challenge was too difficult or you are looking for some activities for younger children, check out Find the Differences – This download includes 30 find the differences puzzles and the solutions to the puzzles. Find 5 differences between the two pictures on each page. All the pages are in black and white. There are plenty of find the difference activities around but many are just way too difficult. This collection is easier to determine the differences between the pictures.  Find the Differences encourage visual scanning, visual discrimination, and visual motor skills.  Download a free sample puzzle from Find the Differences.  Find out more.

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Robot Find and Circle the Differences