Free Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunts for Home and School

Free Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunts for Home or SchoolFree Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunts for Home and School

Do you need a quick activity to entertain the kids at home or school?  Print off this FREE Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunts and get started.  You can download the scavenger hunt at the end of the post.   This no-prep activity is from the complete Thanksgiving Games packet.  The packet includes 10 super FUN games for the whole family or classroom.  These games are so great because they require minimal preparation and work with a crowd or two children.  Even young children can play these games.

Start with the Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt.  The child has to find all of the Thanksgiving-themed objects on the list.  When they find an item, the child colors in the leaf.  If you wanted to add in some friendly competition, you could separate into teams and race to see who can find all of the items first.

When you download the complete Thanksgiving Games packet you will get 9 additional games.  One of my favorites is the Thanks-GIVE-ing Dinner game.  It is perfect for children of all ages.  The object of the game is to fill up your dinner plate with one of each Thanksgiving dinner item.  If you turn over a GIVE THANKS card, you have to share with the group something or someone you are thankful for.  If you get a duplicate food card, you need to GIVE the card to a friend.  Not only does the game encourage matching skills and turn-taking but it also encourages gratitude.

Thanksgiving Games

If you need a game for a large group, check out Turkey Numbers from the Thanksgiving Games packet.  This game is suitable for 2 players or 20 players.  I love it because it is similar to Bingo but much easier to prepare the game.  You print out the Turkey Number boards and the small number cards 1-25.  All players put a small bead, coin or dried corn kernel on 10 numbers on the board.  Start the game by calling out one of the numbers 1-25.  If your number is called, remove the bead.  The first player to clear all of the beads off of their board is the winner!

My personal favorite is Left – Right – Gobble from the Thanksgiving Games Packet.  This game is played just like Left, Right, Center except your turkeys will get gobbled up.  The last person with a turkey is the winner.  The game is perfect for groups of 2-10 people.

Put the How Many Turkeys game in a frame when your family arrives on Thanksgiving day or in the classroom for a party.  Place the guessing tickets next to the picture.  Who can guess how many turkeys are in the picture without counting them all?  This game is so easy to set up and you can offer a small prize to the winner.  It is also included in the Thanksgiving Games packet.

Grab a pencil and paper, and start up a game of Draw It – Thanksgiving Style.  Just like Pictionary, someone will have to draw a picture while others try to guess what you are drawing.  All of the items have a Thanksgiving theme.  This game is sure to bring on the laughter!

So who is ready to get STARTED??????


Don’t forget to check out the complete Thanksgiving Games packet to get access to all 10 super FUN games!

Free Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt for Home or School