I am Thankful Categories Game – Family Fun Time

I am Thankful Categories GameI am Thankful Categories Game

November is the time of year when we all stop to think about what we are thankful for.  It is a wonderful reminder of the amazing people, places and things we experience in our lives that we sometimes disregard on a day to day basis.  Giving thanks should not be limited to the month of November though and we should be grateful for each day that we have with our children.

Take the time to play I am Thankful Categories Game.  You can download this FREE printable at the end of the post.  The download is in black and white therefore economical printing plus not too jazzy so you can play this game anytime of year that you want to stop and smell the roses.

How to Play I am Thankful Categories Game

If you have never played Categories before, the directions are simple.  Set a timer and start answering the questions.  One category version is to write down what you are thankful for each letter of the alphabet.  The second category version is to finish each statement with what you are thankful for.  For example, I am thankful for this…

PERSON – you respond by writing a name of someone you are thankful for

PLACE – you write a location that you are thankful for

And so on, down the list of 15 items.

If you are playing with a group of people you will only have one minute to answer.  Read your answers out loud.  Anyone who has the same answer has to cross it out.  The person with the most remaining responses once all answers have been read out loud is the winner!

If you want to play by yourself, see how many you can answer in one minute.  Or simply, fill out the game board at your leisure and write the date on it.  Next year, around the same time, fill it out again.  Put them all in a folder to remember what you were grateful for each year.

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I am Thankful Categories Game