Imagine If I Won the Lottery…Mom’s Wishlist

Imagine If I won the Lottery Mom's Wishlist from Growing PlayImagine If I Won the Lottery…Mom’s Wishlist

It’s that time of year again – gift giving and wish lists.  My email inbox in full of special sales, great deals and more for the perfect gifts for men, women and of course the children.  I find myself again with items on my wishlist that are a bit far-fetched, out of reach and not available in any store.  My budget seems to be a bit extravagant.  I seem to not want objects but would prefer some additional staff here at the house.  So here we go with my wish list entitled “For When I Win the Lottery – A Mother’s Dream”…

Wish List Item #1 – TOP PRIORITY: Limo Driver

This would be the BEST gift ever.  Could you imagine “grab Johnny from basketball practice at 3:30 and as soon as you drop him off pick up Jane to bring her to dance.  Wait for Jane and bring her home picking up Timmy from play practice on the way”.  Think of the possibilities – Johnny forgot his trumpet, could you please drive it up to school?  Jane forgot her lunch, please drive it up. It would be life changing for me for sure!

Wish List - Limo Driver

Wish List Item #2 – Housecleaner

Yes, I know people who don’t win the lottery hire housecleaners.  Many families do.  I had enough the other day and decided to call and get some pricing to clean our house.  I was inundated with many questions – how would you rate the cleanliness of your house on a scale of 0-10?  After some self-reflection, I almost hung up since I was scared of facing the answer.  I plodded on answering at least 10 questions – how many bedrooms, how deep of a cleaning, blah blah blah.  Turns out our 7 bedroom house,  scale of 4 out of 10 cleanliness costs way TOO much money for our current budget.  So this is definitely going on the lottery wish list.  And I only want the housecleaner to come when I am not home in case we are actually a 1/10 in cleanliness.

Lottery Wish List from Growing Play

Wish List #3 – Grocery Shopper and Put Away Person

This one needs a job description.  The person goes to the grocery store with their OWN list because they look in my cabinets and refrigerator to determine what we need.  Then he or she writes the list, heads to the store, purchases everything, bags it up, carries them all into the house and puts everything away!  Can you imagine it!!!!

My Lottery Wish List from Growing Play

Wish List #4 – Homework is done or non- existent.

I guess I need to either hire a tutor or pay off the teacher to never send homework home.  Either way, the homework gets done without me needing to help.

Lottery Wish List from Growing Play

Wish List #5 – Photo Organizer

This job shouldn’t take too much of the lottery winnings.  This person has to download all the 4279 of photos currently on my phone and organize them into beautiful printed photo albums.  When done with the photos on my phone, they can head over to the Pictures file folder on my computer and organize about 15 years + of the rest of the digital photos.  Wait, maybe this job is getting expensive.

Wish List from Growing Play

Wish List #6 – Waitress Service

I am wishing for waitress service but there also needs to be a chef in the kitchen.  I do love cooking so I may only need the chef part time.  But the waitress or waiter job is a full-time gig for every meal and they need wine steward experience.

Lottery Wish List from Growing Play

Back to reality, maybe someone will at least toss a few lottery tickets in my gift bag!

What would be on your lottery wish list?