New Year’s Eve Party with Kids for Under $10

New Year's Eve Party with Kids for Under $10New Year’s Eve Party with Kids for Under $10

Happy New Year everyone!  December 31st is getting closer so it is time to plan for what we will do all night to stay awake and have fun at the same time.  I’ll admit, New Year’s Eve is definitely an awesome holiday when you are young (the key word is young).  I mean elementary school age until basically parenthood/pregnancy.  When we were younger, we would make plans in advance to party all night long.  Now, my focus is on staying awake and not going crazy with the kids staying up late.  For the past several years, we have gone away to sunny Florida for New Year’s Eve which is AWESOME!  We spend the time celebrating together as a family which I am always happy that the teenagers agree.  Because we have children across a 14-year span (18 years down to 3 years old) our activities have to be family friendly.

During the day, we will do the New Year’s Scavenger Hunt from the New Year’s Packet.  You will need the New Year’s Packet, pencils, crayons, and candy.  Here is how we will throw a New Year’s Eve party with kids for under $10 (excluding the cost of dinner):

6:00 pm – dinner time.  Take out food from a few different restaurants.  We let the kids pick.  Last year it was pizza and Chinese (gross combination if you ask me).

7:00 pm – Memories and Goals – reflect on our favorite memories and plan out goals for next year.  We will use the page from the New Year’s packet.  I will obviously help the youngest fill it out and I can’t wait to hear his responses.  He is a spitfire!

8:00 pm – New Year’s Eve Photo Shoot – we will use the free photo booth props to create some FUN memories for 2018.  Then it will be bedtime for the little guy.  I would never make it sane until midnight with a three-year-old awake the whole time. Sorry, buddy…

New Year's Photo Booth Props from Growing Play

9:00 pm – Coloring Contest: Using the Happy New Year collage page, we can all color it.  I will have prizes for best color combinations, best overall coloring, best for your age level, etc.  making sure that the youngest gets a prize for something.

9:30 pm – Leap into the New Year and Fitness Festivities:  Everyone will be a little sluggy after coloring so we will head outdoors and get moving with these activities from the packet.

10:00 pm – Turn on the New Year’s Rockin Eve pregame show in the background.  Tell each other’s fortunes with the Next Year’s Fortune Tell page from the packet followed by New Year’s Boggle game.

11:00 pm – I know I will be getting sleepy so we will have to step it up a notch to stay awake!  We will play Don’t Eat It with some candy – I LOVE candy so the sugar will help me out.  Next up will be the New Year’s Challenges – these are always super fun and alerting.  We will finish off with the New Year’s Question Maze to read everyone’s plans for next year.

MIDNIGHT! – Watch the fireworks on the deck of the house in Florida!  If we were home we would bang pots and pans on the porch outside.  I have no clue why but that is what I did as a child and thought it was fun.


You can view and order the New Year’s Packet here.

New Year's Games and Activities

new Year's Eve Party with Kids for under $10