Lucky Shamrock Puzzle – St Patrick’s Day Challenge

Lucky Shamrock Puzzle - St Patrick's Day ChallengeLucky Shamrock Puzzle – St Patrick’s Day Challenge

Are you feeling lucky?  How quickly can you find the four leaf clover?  Download the puzzle below (you can print in color or grayscale).  Turn over the paper and start the timer.  How quickly did you find it?

Visual scanning, tracking, and focus skills are essential for reading.  This lucky shamrock puzzle is a FUN way to practice these skills.  Your eyes have to scan from left to right and top to bottom to focus on the ONE four-leaf clover that does not match the rest.

This would make a great quick activity challenge during a Saint Patrick’s Day party, green theme party or lucky party.  Or make a contest out of it for the whole class.  Give each child a slip of paper.  Project the puzzle on the projection screen in the classroom.  Each child needs to quickly write down the coordinates of where he/she spots the lucky four-leaf clover.  Turn the projection screen off.  Have everyone share their answers.  See how many children were able to find the lucky shamrock quickly!


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