Camping Quiz – Fun Facts about Camping

Camping Quiz from Growing PlayCamping Quiz – Fun Facts about Camping

Did you know that tents are the most popular type of shelter when people go camping? Or that the average camper age is 35 years old?  I would have guessed that tents were the most popular but would have thought the average camper age was lower.  If you follow my blog, you would know that our family is a big fan of camping.  Some die-hards may say that we don’t go camping since we own a travel trailer, but to me, it is the best camping of all!  I thought it would be fun to create a little camping quiz.  Are you up for the challenge?

Take the camping quiz around the campfire, in the car on the way to camping or anytime you want to challenge a friend about camping facts.  In our family, we love to sit around the campfire, roast marshmallows, play games and chat.  Apparently, we are not alone, since 81% of all people who go camping, picked hanging around the campfire as their favorite activity!  Makes perfect sense to me.  Nothing beats that cozy feeling of when it gets dark out, there is a little chill in the air and you let your mind wander as you stare at the burning flames of the campfire.  And who doesn’t love that smell that stays with your clothes?  Just the thought of a campfire brings up fond memories for me as a child and as an adult.

Here we go – let’s take the camping quiz:

1. How many vehicle accessible campgrounds are in the USA and Canada?

2. Where is the most expensive campground in the world?

3. Approximately, how many people go camping per year in the USA?

4. What is the MOST popular camping purchase?

5. On average, how many nights do most people camp?

6. What percentage of people camp in tents?

Camping Quiz - Fun Facts about Camping

You can have people write down their answers or my preferred method would be to go around the campfire and say them out loud.

Want to know the answers to the Camping Quiz?

Now that is obviously a silly question.  Of course, you do!   I didn’t want to include them right here or everyone would cheat.  Access the questions and the answers below by clicking on the link.  The download includes the questions (page 1) followed by the answers (page 2) with the sources.


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