Camping Trivia Word Search Puzzle

I am so excited to share this new type of puzzle with you. This Camping Trivia puzzle is part trivia, part crossword puzzle and part word search! Puzzles like this make me happy. LOL it is the nerd in me coming out in full force. You can download it for free at the bottom of the post.

How to Complete the Camping Trivia Word Search Puzzle

The twist with this puzzle is that there is not a word bank. You have to answer the simple camping trivia questions to create the word bank. Once you answer the questions, you find the words in the word search puzzle. The words are horizontal, vertical and diagonal.

The 10 Camping Questions

The questions are easy since this puzzle is for kids. Adults could easily play it too because sometimes it is hard to think like a child and it may take you longer than you think to complete the puzzle.

  1. What is a big, brown animal that you might find in the woods?
  2. What do you need to light to start a campfire?
  3. What do you hang between two trees to take a rest?
  4. What is a bag that you use when you go hiking in the woods?
  5. What do need to roast a marshmallow?
  6. What do you take with you so you do not get lost?
  7. What is the tool called that points to the North?
  8. What do you use when you take a walk in the dark?
  9. What type of wooden boat do you paddle?
  10. Finish the statement: Sleep under the ____________.

Once you answer all the questions it is time to find the 10 words.

Ways to Make the Puzzle Easier

You could do answer the questions together and then do the word find. Another option would be to give the child a word back with the 10 answers. They have to find the correct answers to the questions using the word bank as a guide.

Ways to Make the Puzzle Harder

Too easy for your crowd? Give everyone a puzzle. On your signal say GO. First person to answer all the questions and find them in the word search first is the WINNER!

When to Use the Camping Trivia Puzzle

This camping puzzle is perfect for:

  • a boredom buster when camping.
  • rainy day indoor play.
  • classroom camping theme activity.
  • early finishers.

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