Outer Space Word Search and Space Trivia Questions

Outer Space Trivia Word Search

Woohoo! I am back with more unique word search puzzles. This one is an outer space word search PDF printable puzzle with space trivia questions. Make your next activity out of this world. Instead of just giving kids a quiz or asking fact questions, combine learning with puzzles. You can download the trivia word search puzzle at the bottom of this post.

How to Complete the Outer Space Word Search Trivia Puzzle

The twist with this puzzle is that there is not a word bank. You have to answer the simple outer space trivia questions for kids to create the word bank. Once you answer the questions, you find the words in the word search puzzle. The words are horizontal, vertical and diagonal.

10 Outer Space Trivia Questions for Kids

  1. What star is at the center of our solar system?
  2. What planet is closest to Earth?
  3. What is the largest planet in our solar system?
  4. What is the red planet?
  5. What is a huge, bright ball of burning gas that is held together by gravity?
  6. What is another name for a shooting star?
  7. What is the only planet where life exists?
  8. What planet has a system of rings?
  9. A place in space where matter and light cannot escape if they fall in is called a ________ hole.
  10. The _____________ we live in is called the Milky Way.

Ways to Make the Puzzle Easier

You could do answer the questions together and then do the word find. Another option would be to give the child the word back with the 10 answers on the solution page. They have to find the correct answers to the questions using the word bank as a guide.

Ways to Make the Puzzle Harder

Too easy for your crowd? Give everyone a puzzle. On your signal say GO. First person to answer all the questions and find them in the word search first is the WINNER!

When to Use the Outer Space Trivia Puzzle

This outer space puzzle is perfect for:

  • science worksheet
  • a boredom buster
  • rainy day indoor play.
  • classroom space theme activity.
  • early finishers.

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This one is an outer space word search PDF printable puzzle with space trivia questions.  Make your next activity out of this world.

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