Cheap and Easy Hobbies for Kids

Encouraging children to take interest in different hobbies is super important in today’s technology driven, fast paced world. Having a hobby at any age strengthens creativity and can often provide a sense of accomplishment. Here are several ideas for cheap and easy hobbies for kids.

Hobbies are Healthy

First off, it is important to realize that all hobbies for kids can benefit children in many ways. It gives a child an opportunity to express themselves, and it allows them to discover themselves and build self-esteem. They are also great educational tools. A child interested in rock collecting learns about geology and science, and a child in writing stories learns about sentence structure and proper grammar. Hobbies teach children to set and achieve goals, solve problems and make decisions. They can also set the course for what your child becomes later in life as they often turn into lifelong interests or careers.

Your child will need space for their hobby, so find an area designated specifically for his hobby so he can work on it. Realize that hobbies can sometimes be quite messy, so be at the ready for messes as they come with the territory.

Set an Example

Children who have hobbies are usually following in their parents footsteps, so set a good example by pursuing your own hobby. Don’t sit get sucked into your phone or screen time and develop your own hobbies.

Be available to your child to provide guidance, support and encouragement. This is a great time to teach your child strong work habits, such as following directions closely, setting goals, and proper planning and organization. Show them that nothing worthwhile is ever easy, especially when they begin to become frustrated with their progress. It’s also a good time to teach them about personal responsibility and show them how important it is to properly care for their work area and their ‘tools of the trade.’

Children will be more encouraged to work on their hobbies if activities like watching television or playing video games are limited. It’s been noted by experts that by age 15, the average child has spent more time watching television than sitting in a classroom. Again, here’s where setting a good example is crucial. Instead of watching that four-hour football game on Saturday, turn the TV off and work on your own hobby. Your child may want to join in or work on their own as a result.

Hobbies are rewarding and enriching parts of our lives, so encourage your child to explore his own interests and find a hobby of their very own.

5 Cheap and Easy Hobbies for Kids

Rock Collecting

I happen to love rock collecting so this is super easy for me to suggest as one of the hobbies for kids. There are all different shapes, sizes, and textures of rocks. When we go camping or hiking I am always on the look out. Once children start collecting rocks, they can sort them by size or shape or paint them.

Drawing or Painting

Another hobby I personally enjoy is drawing and painting. On Saturday mornings, the younger kids and I will watch a You Tube tutorial and draw or paint. I have to admit I am sometimes shocked at how amazing the kids drawings are. Now, I often see at other times (especially after dinner in the Winter months) will grab markers and start drawing.


Not only is this a cheap hobby since we all have to eat, it is a wonderful hobby to have as a life skill. Cooking is probably one of the best hobbies for kids. They get to learn how to go shopping, slice, bake, and cook food and we all get to enjoy the fruits of their labor (pun intended – get it fruits??? LOL).


When we go camping or have long periods of down time at home (although rare), my kids will participate in one of the top hobbies for kids – puzzles. Sometimes it is 100 piece puzzles but more often it is paper puzzles like mazes, word searches, Sudoku, and more.


Many of my kids exercise as a hobby. I am using exercise as a very loose term. Hobbies that include exercise for kids are bicyling, hiking, roller skating (two of my children are super into this right now), skateboarding, and scooter board riding.

Whatever hobbies for kids that your children may explore, remember the goals – enjoyment and leisure. If it becomes too stressful, it is time to pick a new hobby!