How to Draw a Brontosaurus – Super Easy and Cute!

Do you want to learn how to draw a brontosaurus? Here is a super easy and cute dinosaur to draw in 4 easy steps. You can download a FREE printable to practice this activity at the bottom of the post.

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How to Draw a Brontosaurus

This simple drawing of a brontosaurus is easy for kids of all ages. I love it because there is no erasing involved and only four steps!

Step one involves drawing the head. This may get a little tricky for some because the dinosaur is looking backwards.

For step two, draw the neck. At step three, draw the outline of the entire body.

Step four involves drawing the details of the circles and the sprig of leaves makes a nice final touch!

Looking for More Dinosaur Activities?

You can download a FREE dinosaur puzzle to print from the Square Puzzles packet. Scroll down the page to see the link to the freebie.

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