Christmas Movie Emoji Game Printable – Free

As the holiday season approaches, everyone is on the lookout for fun and engaging activities to enjoy with family, friends, and colleagues. What better way to spice up your holiday gatherings than with a delightful Christmas movie emoji game printable? Exciting news for all! At the bottom of this blog post, you can find a download link for a free printable that includes 15 charming emoji puzzles. Each puzzle is a playful challenge to guess a Christmas movie, adding an extra sprinkle of joy to your festivities.

Perfect Game for Holiday Parties

The Christmas movie emoji game printable is a versatile and engaging game suitable for various holiday gatherings. Whether you’re hosting a holiday party, an office party, or a family gathering around the Christmas tree, this game is sure to be a huge hit. It’s an easy way to break the ice and get everyone involved in a fun activity.

Christmas Day and Family Gatherings

Imagine your family members gathered around the living room, Christmas lights twinkling, and laughter filling the air as everyone tries to decipher the emoji clues. This game is not just a fun Christmas party game idea but also a great way to bond with family members. It’s perfect for Christmas Day or any family game night during the holiday season.

Office Parties and Large Groups

Office parties often need something to liven up the atmosphere. The Christmas movie emoji game printable is a perfect choice for such occasions. It’s an excellent activity for large groups and can easily be incorporated into a festive family fun agenda, like an ugly sweater contest or a holiday songs scavenger hunt.

Classroom Parties for Older Students

For teachers looking for fun Christmas party games for older students, this emoji game is an ideal choice. It’s an interactive and educational way to engage students and can be used as a fun twist to a classic game during classroom parties.

When to Use the Christmas Movie Emoji Game Printable

The beauty of the Christmas emoji game lies in its flexibility. You can play it:

  • During holiday parties as a main activity or as a quick ice-breaker.
  • At office parties, where teams can compete for the most correct answers.
  • On Christmas morning, adding a fun twist to the festive family fun.
  • At holiday gatherings, where family members and friends can team up.
  • Any time during the Christmas movie season to get into the Christmas spirit.

Components of the Game

Included in the free printable game are:

  • 15 Emoji Puzzles: Each puzzle is a sequence of emojis that hints at a popular Christmas movie.
  • Answer Sheets: To record guesses and keep track of points.
  • Detailed Instructions: Ensuring that everyone understands the rules and the fun way to play.

Additional Features

  • Point Value System: Add a competitive edge by assigning point values to each puzzle.
  • Time Limit: To make the game more challenging, set a time limit for each guess.
  • Digital Files: The game comes as digital files, making it an instant download for your convenience.

Download and Print

Downloading and printing the game is a breeze. It’s a free printable game, so there’s no additional cost or need to wait for a physical product. Just click on the download link, print the game card, and you’re all set for a fun Christmas movie emoji game.

Part of a Larger Collection

This activity is part of the complete Christmas games packet available at Growing Play. For more engaging and creative emoji games, visit Emoji Games Activities Puzzles Packet.


The Christmas movie emoji game printable is not just a game; it’s a doorway to creating memorable moments during the holiday season. It’s an easy, fun, and interactive way to get everyone involved, laughing, and guessing. Whether you’re surrounded by the warmth of family, the laughter of friends, or the camaraderie of colleagues, this game is a great way to add a holiday twist to your gatherings. So, get ready to download, print, and dive into the festive fun of this unique Christmas activity. Merry Christmas and happy gaming!