Christmas Scattergories List – Free Printable Game

Get ready to add a jolly spin to your family game night with our Christmas Scattergories Printable, a fun and festive twist on the classic word game! Perfect for holiday parties, Christmas break, or just a cozy evening at home, this free printable game is sure to bring loads of laughter and holiday cheer. The best part? You can download a FREE PDF of the Christmas Scattegories Printable at the bottom of this post, making it an easy and convenient addition to your holiday fun.

How to Play Christmas Scattergories

Playing this fun Christmas game is simple and great for both younger kids and older players. It is perfect for Christmas parties. Here’s how you can get started:

  • Get Your Printables Ready: Download and print the Christmas Scattergories lists and answer sheets. Make sure you have enough copies for all players or teams.
  • Set a Time Limit: Decide on a time limit for each round, typically 2-3 minutes works well.
  • Choose a Letter: Each round, pick a different letter of the alphabet. You can use a random letter generator, an alphabet die, or simply choose one at random.
  • Start the Clock: Once the letter is chosen, start the timer. Players must come up with unique answers for each category that start with the assigned letter.
  • Scoring: After time’s up, compare answers. Each unique answer gets points, while repeated answers do not.
  • Multiple Rounds: Play as many rounds as you like, changing letters each time.

Christmas Scattergories Printable for Large Groups

Hosting a Holiday Party?

Our Christmas Scattergories Printable is a perfect addition to any holiday party. It’s a great game for large groups and can be played in teams for an extra layer of fun. Plus, the holiday theme adds to the festive atmosphere!

Christmas Scattergories Lists

  1. Famous Christmas Movies
  2. Things Found in a Christmas Stocking
  3. Popular Christmas Songs
  4. Traditional Christmas Foods
  5. Types of Christmas Decorations
  6. Winter Activities
  7. Gifts for Kids
  8. Things Associated with Santa Claus
  9. Christmas Characters (from movies, books, etc.)
  10. Cold Weather Clothing
  11. Christmas Tree Ornaments
  12. Christmas Traditions Around the World
  13. Words in “The Night Before Christmas”
  14. Famous Christmas Stories or Books
  15. Things You Can Do with Snow
  16. Cities Famous for Christmas Celebrations
  17. Ways to Spread Holiday Cheer
  18. Items in a Nativity Scene
  19. Christmas Beverages
  20. Reasons to Look Forward to Christmas
  21. Christmas Carols and Their Lyrics
  22. Types of Christmas Cookies
  23. Christmas Market Items
  24. Famous Christmas Symbols
  25. Ways to Keep Warm in Winter
  26. Christmas Party Games
  27. Gifts for Parents
  28. Movies with a Christmas Scene
  29. Things Made of Snow
  30. Words Associated with Reindeer
  31. Christmas Flavors (e.g., peppermint, gingerbread)
  32. Types of Christmas Lights
  33. Items Found in a Christmas Parade
  34. Gifts for Teens
  35. Christmas Crafts
  36. Songs with Winter in the Title
  37. Items You Can Find at the North Pole
  38. Winter Animals
  39. Christmas Card Greetings
  40. Gift Wrapping Supplies
  41. Places to Hang Mistletoe
  42. Types of Fireplaces
  43. Names of Santa’s Elves
  44. Christmas Eve Traditions
  45. Gifts for the Person Who Has Everything
  46. Ways to Decorate a Christmas Tree
  47. Christmas-Themed TV Episodes
  48. Things to Do on a Snow Day
  49. Christmas Shopping Locations
  50. Famous Winter Festivals

Diverse Categories for Endless Fun

The printable includes 50 Christmas-themed categories, ensuring a unique and engaging experience every time. This variety makes it a great way to challenge family members to think creatively and have a blast during the holiday season.

Digital Download for Personal Use

High-Resolution PDF at No Additional Cost

This digital product is available as a high-resolution PDF file, perfect for printing at home or at a local print shop. The digital download is intended for personal use, so feel free to share it with friends and family for even more holiday fun.

Perfect for Christmas Season

Fun for All Age Groups

Whether it’s for younger children, teens, or adults, the Christmas Scattergories Printable caters to every age group. It’s a great way to bring the whole family together during the Christmas season.

Free Printable Christmas Scattergories Game

Download Your Copy Now!

Don’t miss out on this fun Christmas Scattergories game! Click here to get your instant download link for the free printable game for regular scattergories. Here are more other fun holiday activities like Christmas Music TriviaChristmas Finish My Phrase, and Hard Christmas Word Search Printables.

Embrace the holiday spirit and enjoy spending time with family and friends with this fun and free Christmas Scattergories game. Remember, you can download your Christmas Scattergories Printable for free at the bottom of the post. Happy Holidays, and have fun playing!