Scattegories Categories: Kids to Adults

Scattegories is not just a game; it’s a brain-tingling event that brings out laughter, competitive spirits, and, sometimes, the most hilarious of debates. The crux of this fast-thinking categories game lies in its simple premise: can you outsmart and outthink your friends and family under the pressure of a ticking clock? The phrase “Scattegories Categories” is not just a tongue twister; it’s a creative playground where the quick-witted triumph and the rest are left chuckling at their own absurd answers.

How to Play the Game of Scattergories

The original game of Scattergories is straightforward yet captivating. Each player receives a pad of player score sheets, and a key letter is determined by rolling a 26 letter alphabet die. If you do not have the die, you can use an app to randomly select letters or put the 26 letters in a hat to randomly pick the letter. The timer, often a 2-minute sand timer, is set, and the race begins! The goal is to come up with a unique answer for each category on the list that starts with the chosen key letter. Sounds easy? Well, the catch is that your answer must be unique, earning you points only if no other player has written it down. The first player to fill their sheet before the sand slips away can claim quick-witted victory.

Elementary School Categories

Scattegories Categories: Fun On The Farm

  1. Farm animals
  2. Colors of tractors
  3. Things in a barn
  4. Types of crops
  5. Farm sounds
  6. Farm tools
  7. Clothes a farmer wears
  8. Animals’ homes
  9. Farm foods
  10. Weather on the farm

Scattegories Categories: Yummy Lunchbox

  1. Types of sandwiches
  2. Fruits for snack
  3. Shapes of cookies
  4. Colors of veggies
  5. Drinks in a box
  6. Snack packs
  7. Sweet treats
  8. Crunchy things
  9. Foods that are round
  10. Favorite lunch foods

Scattegories Categories: Superhero Capers

  1. Superhero names
  2. Superhero colors
  3. Powers they have
  4. Things they save
  5. Places they go
  6. Bad guys they stop
  7. Things they wear
  8. Super pets
  9. Fast vehicles
  10. Superhero friends

Scattegories Categories: Classroom Discoveries

  1. Things to color with
  2. Books on a shelf
  3. Shapes you see
  4. Classroom pets
  5. Things to count
  6. Games to play
  7. Things to write on
  8. Places to read
  9. Classroom helpers
  10. Things that are soft

Scattegories Categories: Storybook Adventures

  1. Story animals
  2. Fairy tale jobs
  3. Magic things
  4. Places to hide
  5. Heroes in stories
  6. Villains in tales
  7. Things to wish on
  8. Storybook treats
  9. Clothes characters wear
  10. Things in a magical land

Middle School Level for Categories

Marvelous Mythical Creatures

  1. Dragons of different colors
  2. Creatures with wings
  3. Giants and their powers
  4. Fairies from storybooks
  5. Monsters in Greek myths
  6. Talking animals in tales
  7. Magical beasts with horns
  8. Sea creatures in legends
  9. Dwarfs and their treasures
  10. Wizards and their spells

Super School Subjects

  1. Math topics
  2. Science experiment items
  3. Countries you study in Geography
  4. Historical events
  5. Sports in Physical Education
  6. Musical instruments for Music class
  7. Book genres for English
  8. Art tools for Art class
  9. Languages around the world
  10. Things you learn in Computer class

Fantastic Future Jobs

  1. Space explorers
  2. Robot builders
  3. Video game creators
  4. Animal doctors (veterinarians)
  5. Underwater archaeologists
  6. Professional athletes
  7. Movie directors
  8. Chefs with their own restaurants
  9. Inventors of new gadgets
  10. Teachers of unusual subjects

Wacky Weather Wonders

  1. Types of clouds
  2. Snowy day activities
  3. Rain gear
  4. Hot summer treats
  5. Signs of spring
  6. Fall colors
  7. Storm names
  8. Weather instruments
  9. Things you do on a windy day
  10. Natural disasters

Space Odyssey

  1. Planets in our solar system
  2. Moon phases
  3. Astronaut tools
  4. Famous space missions
  5. Stars and their patterns
  6. Space movies
  7. Things found in a spaceship
  8. Sci-fi space creatures
  9. Jobs at NASA
  10. Activities in zero gravity

10 Scattegories Categories Ideas for Your Next Game

Here are some teenager and adult categories.

Scattegories Categories: Foods from Around the World

  1. Italian dishes
  2. Spicy foods
  3. Seafood items
  4. Vegetarian dishes
  5. Breakfast foods
  6. Street food specialties
  7. Food you eat with your hands
  8. Christmas dinner items
  9. Foods named after places
  10. Dishes you can cook in under 20 minutes

Scattegories Categories: Cities and Countries

  1. Capital cities
  2. Cities with a beach
  3. Countries in Europe
  4. Cities with a population over a million
  5. Countries with red in their flag
  6. Historical cities
  7. Cities famous for a specific food
  8. Island countries
  9. Countries in alphabetical order
  10. Cities with a royal palace

Scattegories Categories: Animal Kingdom

  1. Nocturnal animals
  2. Animals found in Africa
  3. Aquatic creatures
  4. Birds of prey
  5. Endangered species
  6. Animals with stripes
  7. Insects
  8. Mythical creatures
  9. Animals in zoos
  10. Pets people keep

Scattegories Categories: A Twist on Literature

  1. Female authors
  2. Science fiction books
  3. Books turned into movies
  4. Classic children’s books
  5. Autobiographies
  6. Novels with a color in the title
  7. Pulitzer Prize winners
  8. Detective novels
  9. Fantasy series
  10. Books set in the future

Scattegories Categories: The World of Music

  1. Grammy award-winning artists
  2. Songs with a girl’s name
  3. Bands named after places
  4. Musicals
  5. Instruments in an orchestra
  6. One-hit wonders
  7. Songs from the ’80s
  8. Famous music festivals
  9. Bands with a number in their name
  10. Jazz musicians

Scattegories Categories: Cinematic Universe

  1. Movies with a city name in the title
  2. Oscar-winning films
  3. Movies set in space
  4. Romantic comedies
  5. War movies
  6. Animated movies
  7. Non-English language films
  8. Movies with a twist ending
  9. Films based on true stories
  10. Movies with a ghost

Scattegories Categories: The Great Outdoors

  1. National parks
  2. Camping equipment
  3. Beach essentials
  4. Winter sports
  5. Types of trees
  6. Flowers
  7. Animals you might see on a safari
  8. Mountain ranges
  9. Things you take on a hiking trip
  10. Outdoor hobbies

Scattegories Categories: Technological Triumphs

  1. Social media platforms
  2. Video game consoles
  3. Programming languages
  4. Innovations in the last decade
  5. Wearable gadgets
  6. Electric vehicles
  7. Smartphone apps
  8. Sci-fi inventions that became real
  9. Internet browsers
  10. AI achievements

Scattegories Categories: Historical Figures

  1. Explorers
  2. Female rulers
  3. Scientists
  4. Philosophers
  5. Renaissance artists
  6. Civil rights activists
  7. Inventors
  8. Ancient leaders
  9. Military generals
  10. Nobel Peace Prize laureates

Scattegories Categories: Fashion and Trends

  1. Famous fashion designers
  2. Clothing brands
  3. Types of shoes
  4. Fashion capitals
  5. Hairstyles
  6. Iconic dresses
  7. Jewelry pieces
  8. Men’s fashion
  9. Decades of style
  10. Trend-setting celebrities

A Few Final Tips for Your Scattegories Categories Game Night

Remember, the great twist in Scattergories is not just the side of the card you choose but also the unique iteration of the classic game you bring to the table by creating your own categories. This great party game can be adapted for groups of all sizes, from intimate family game nights to a boisterous family reunion or even a camping trip.

For more inspiration and to add to your wish list of categories, visit these resources:

Remember to always check the privacy policy of these pages and enjoy your game time ranges from a short break to an all-night marathon. Scattergories is more than just a simple game; it’s a testament to the power of a proper name, a plastic card base, and a fast-thinking mind ready for new word challenges. So, grab those pads of player score sheets, flip that 2-minute sand timer, and let the fun twist on board games begin!

Download a Copy of these Categories

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