Thanksgiving Would You Rather Questions – Free Printable

Thanksgiving is a time of reflection, gratitude, and, most importantly, fun and games with the entire family. One fun way to get the conversation flowing around the turkey-laden table is to engage in a fun thanksgiving game like “Thanksgiving would you rather.” It’s a great way to learn more about family members, have a few laughs, and make your Thanksgiving feast even more memorable.

How to Use the Questions

“Would you rather” questions are perfect conversation starters that can be tailored to any group, whether it be immediate family, extended family, or friends gathered around for a Thanksgiving celebration. They are simple: you just present two scenarios and each person has to choose which one they would prefer. These questions can range from silly questions with no wrong answers to tougher choices that really make you think.

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When to Use the Thanksgiving Would You Rather Questions

The game is a perfect activity for any downtime you have during the day. Whether it’s while the Thanksgiving food is being prepared, after enjoying the entire Thanksgiving meal, or while settling in for some NFL football game, these questions can be asked. It’s a great way to include the whole family in fun dinner conversations.

For The Foodies – Thanksgiving Would You Rather…

  • Choose between only eating cranberry sauce or indulging in an entire pumpkin pie with every meal for a week after Thanksgiving.
  • Decide to permanently forgo sweet potatoes or apple pie during your Thanksgiving feast.
  • Have an endless supply of your favorite Thanksgiving dish or enjoy any Thanksgiving food without worrying about weight gain.
  • Tackle the challenge of cooking the entire Thanksgiving meal solo while donning a pilgrim hat or handle all the cleanup in a turkey costume.
  • Opt for a Thanksgiving dinner devoid of turkey or completely without desserts.

For The Fun-Lovers

  • Engage in a Thanksgiving-themed lip-sync battle or showcase your talents in a family-wide Thanksgiving talent show.
  • Only watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade or exclusively Thanksgiving-themed movies on Thanksgiving Day.
  • Start a brand-new Thanksgiving family tradition or bring back a cherished one that’s been forgotten.
  • Enjoy a Thanksgiving feast every month or savor the occasion just once every few years.
  • Play a game of flag football on Thanksgiving morning or indulge in a board game marathon post-dinner.

For The Tradition Enthusiasts – Thanksgiving Would You Rather…

  • Experience a day living as a pilgrim from the first Thanksgiving or as a guest at the inaugural White House Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Only eat historical foods from the first Thanksgiving or partake in a modern gourmet Thanksgiving meal.
  • Wear a full Native American headdress for all of Thanksgiving Day or prepare the meal in a pilgrim apron and hat.
  • Join the crew setting up the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade or dictate the Thanksgiving menu at the White House.
  • Hunt and prepare your own turkey each year or cultivate all the vegetables for your Thanksgiving sides.

For The Thoughtful

  • Invite a lonely neighbor to your Thanksgiving dinner or deliver a meal to a family in need.
  • Initiate a charity fundraiser on Thanksgiving or commit to volunteering every weekend for a year.
  • Express your gratitude aloud at the dinner table or pen personal thank-you notes to each guest.
  • Forego holiday gifts to donate to charity or craft handmade presents for family to save for donations.
  • Have a quiet Thanksgiving with just your immediate family or host a large gathering including friends and extended family.

For The Kids – Thanksgiving Would You Rather…

  • Dress as a turkey for the school’s Thanksgiving play or assist in making the entire Thanksgiving meal.
  • Have a pet turkey you can’t eat for Thanksgiving or own a magical talking pumpkin offering advice.
  • Participate in a Thanksgiving day parade or manage the Thanksgiving dessert table.
  • Embark on a Thanksgiving day scavenger hunt or compete in a pie-eating contest with your cousins.
  • Be allowed only candy for Thanksgiving or choose the entire menu for the family’s feast.

For The Shoppers – Thanksgiving Would You Rather…

  1. Get the best Black Friday deal without trying or have the perfect, stress-free Thanksgiving dinner?
  2. Camp out all night for a Black Friday sale or spend the whole of Thanksgiving Day cooking?
  3. Win a shopping spree to your favorite store on Black Friday or have a famous chef cook your Thanksgiving dinner?
  4. Have everything you purchase on Black Friday be free or have all your holiday shopping done for you?
  5. Brave the crowds for Black Friday shopping or stay in and start decorating for the next holiday?

For The Social Media Savvy

  • Live stream your entire Thanksgiving Day or spend it without any internet access.
  • Have your Thanksgiving dinner with a favorite social media influencer or with your best friend who detests social media.
  • Take perfect photos every time on Thanksgiving Day or enjoy the most entertaining Thanksgiving without any photos.
  • Tweet your thanks for every bite of food on Thanksgiving or quit using emojis for the remainder of the year.
  • Have your Thanksgiving outfit go viral for all the wrong reasons or have a peaceful dinner free from online distractions.

For The Football Fans – Thanksgiving Would You Rather…

  • Have front-row seats at the Thanksgiving Day NFL game or a VIP home-viewing experience with catered food and friends.
  • Catch the game-winning touchdown in a backyard football game with your family or score the winning points in a video game tournament.
  • Be granted the ability to predict every play in the Thanksgiving NFL games or have the skills to perfectly recreate your favorite player’s signature move.
  • Spend the day playing touch football with your family or attend a meet-and-greet with your favorite football legends.
  • Have your team make it to the Super Bowl but lose or not make it to the playoffs at all?

For The Parade Fans – Thanksgiving Would You Rather…

  • Be a balloon handler for a giant balloon in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade or have a VIP seat at the parade with all your favorite snacks provided.
  • Design a new float for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade or be the announcer introducing each float and performance.
  • Experience the parade in the bustling streets of New York or watch a behind-the-scenes documentary of the parade preparations with exclusive interviews.
  • Participate in the parade wearing an elaborate costume or have a personal shout-out from the parade commentators on live TV.
  • Be part of the dance troupe performing in the parade or be one of the judges scoring the parade floats and performances.

Playing the Game

To play, simply print out the question cards from the digital download link provided. You can cut them into strips of paper and place them in a bowl at the center of the Thanksgiving table, or you can hand them out to each person. It’s a great option for interesting conversations and some laughs as well.


Thanksgiving would you rather questions are a great way to spark fun and engaging conversations at any Thanksgiving party. They’re a perfect way to bring the Thanksgiving spirit into your home and start some fun dinner conversations. So this holiday season, embrace these fun questions as the perfect activity for your entire group, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Remember, these questions are for personal use and to bring joy and a bit of playful spirit to your holiday. They’re a testament to the fact that the best part of Thanksgiving isn’t just the delicious meal, but the memories and laughs shared with loved ones. So go ahead and start asking – would you rather have a traditional Thanksgiving or an awesome Thanksgiving filled with games and joy?


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