Free Printable Thanksgiving Bingo Cards for Large Groups 

Bring fun and excitement to your family gatherings and classroom with these free printable Thanksgiving bingo cards for large groups. Learn more about this free PDF download of 25 unique Thanksgiving Bingo Cards, along with 31 calling cards. The design is in black and white, not only making it economical to print but also offering the fun option for players to color in their cards.

A Fun Thanksgiving Activity for the Whole Family

Playing bingo during Thanksgiving is a perfect way to involve the entire family, from little kids to older family members. It’s a simple game, but so much fun. These free printable thanksgiving bingo cards are designed to be enjoyed by small groups or large gatherings, making them versatile for any Thanksgiving celebration.

Unique Cards and Fun Images

Each of the 25 different bingo cards features fun Thanksgiving images like turkey, pie, oven, apple, leaves, wishbone, and more. The variety ensures that each player has a unique card, adding to the excitement and competitive spirit of the game. Choose one of the free printable Thanksgiving bingo game. Cut out the different cards as your calling cards, and you are set to go!

Creative Ways to Play

You’re not limited to just using bingo daubers or markers. Get creative! Use candy corn, small toys, or even jelly beans as bingo markers. If you want to reuse the cards, laminate them and mark off the images with dry erase markers. This is not only a great idea for family gatherings but also for classroom parties and scout troop meetings.

Fun and Economical – Perfect for Classroom Use

Educators looking for a fun thanksgiving game for the classroom will find these bingo cards a great resource. They’re perfect for lesson plans and classroom use, adding a festive touch to the Thanksgiving season without any additional cost.

Benefits of the Free Thanksgiving Bingo Printables

To get your hands on these free Thanksgiving bingo printables, simply click the link for a free download at the bottom. Print them on white cardstock for the best durability, and you’re ready to go. Each card is a full page, making them the perfect size for younger children and easy visibility for larger groups. This game works on:

  • visual scanning
  • visual discrimination
  • listening skills
  • fine motor skills and more!

It is a super fun way to entertain the kids at Thanksgiving dinner or use the free printables in a classroom or any large group setting. 

Links to More Thanksgiving Fun

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Download Your Free Printable Thanksgiving Bingo Cards for Large Groups

Incorporating these free printable Thanksgiving bingo cards into your Thanksgiving day is a great way to add an extra layer of fun to your holiday gathering. Whether it’s a family event or a larger group, these bingo cards are sure to provide entertainment and create lasting memories. Enjoy this fun thanksgiving bingo game and have a great time this holiday season!