Christmas This OR That Questions – Fun Free Printable

Embrace the festive spirit than with a fun game of Christmas This or That. Perfect for family gatherings, holiday parties, or just a cozy night in, this game promises to be a great conversation starter and a fun way to compare preferences and memories related to the most wonderful time of the year. Exciting news for all our readers: you can download a free printable of this game at the bottom of the post, ensuring your holiday gatherings are filled with laughter and merry debates!

Christmas Traditions: Old vs. New

Christmas Morning or Christmas Eve

Do you revel in the anticipation on Christmas Eve, or is the joy of Christmas morning what you eagerly await? This question often divides family members, with some preferring the suspense of the night before and others loving the festive explosion of Christmas Day.

Real Christmas Tree or Fake Christmas Tree

Are you a purist who loves the scent and authenticity of a real Christmas tree, or do you prefer the convenience and longevity of a fake one? This can spark a debate about tradition versus practicality.

Handmade Ornaments or Store-Bought Decorations

Do your Christmas decorations tell a story with handmade ornaments, or do you prefer the shine and finish of store-bought decorations? It’s a tough choice between personal history and aesthetic perfection.

Open Presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day

Some families have the tradition of opening presents on Christmas Eve, while others wait until Christmas Day. Which one do you prefer? It’s a question of immediate gratification versus traditional anticipation.

Christmas Entertainment: Movies and Music

Christmas Movie Marathon or Holiday Music Blasting

Would you rather spend the day watching back-to-back Christmas movies like “Home Alone” and “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation,” or dancing and singing along to Christmas music and holiday classics?

“White Christmas” or “Wonderful Life”

Which classic Christmas movie resonates more with you? The romantic “White Christmas” or the heartfelt story of “It’s a Wonderful Life”?

Mariah Carey’s Christmas Hits or Classic Christmas Carols

Are you all about Mariah Carey’s festive hits, or do you prefer singing along to traditional Christmas carols? Each has its charm, setting a different tone for the holiday season.

Christmas Delights: Food and Drinks

Candy Canes or Gingerbread Houses

Do you have a sweet tooth for the classic candy cane, or do you prefer the creativity and taste of a gingerbread house?

Hot Chocolate or Hot Cocoa

It may seem like a trivial difference, but hot chocolate lovers know it’s a whole different experience from hot cocoa. Which warm beverage would you choose to sip by the fire?

Christmas Cookies or Sugar Cookies

Is it the variety and decoration of Christmas cookies that you look forward to, or the classic taste of sugar cookies? Either way, it’s a sweet dilemma.

Big Holiday Meal or Lots of Presents

What’s more appealing to you: a big holiday meal with all the trimmings or receiving lots of presents? This can reveal if you’re more food-oriented or gift-oriented during the festive season.

Christmas Fun: Activities and Experiences

Snowball Fight or Making Snow Angels

Would you rather engage in an energetic snowball fight or lie back and make peaceful snow angels? It’s a choice between active fun and serene enjoyment.

Sleigh Ride or Ice Skating

Does the idea of a picturesque sleigh ride appeal to you more, or are you thrilled by the prospect of ice skating? Each offers a unique way to enjoy the winter wonderland.

Volunteering Time or Giving Gifts

Do you find more joy in volunteering your time during the holiday season or in the act of giving gifts? This question often leads to insightful reflections on the spirit of Christmas.

Secret Santa Gift Exchange or White Elephant Gift Exchange

Which holiday party game do you prefer? The mystery of Secret Santa or the unpredictable fun of a White Elephant gift exchange? Both are great ways to bring laughter and joy to holiday gatherings.

Christmas This or That Ideas

  1. Real Christmas Tree OR Fake Christmas Tree
  2. Open Gifts on Christmas Eve OR Open Gifts on Christmas Morning
  3. Watch “Home Alone” OR Watch “Elf”
  4. Bake Christmas Cookies OR Make Gingerbread Houses
  5. Sing Christmas Carols OR Listen to Holiday Pop Songs
  6. Wear Ugly Christmas Sweaters OR Festive Pajamas
  7. Drink Hot Chocolate OR Sip Hot Apple Cider
  8. Go Ice Skating OR Have a Snowball Fight
  9. Visit Santa Claus OR See Christmas Lights
  10. Make Snow Angels OR Build a Snowman
  11. Enjoy a White Christmas OR Prefer Christmas at the Beach
  12. Christmas Eve Party OR Christmas Day Feast
  13. Watch Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer OR Frosty the Snowman
  14. Give Handmade Gifts OR Buy Store-bought Presents
  15. Ride on Santa’s Sleigh OR Visit the North Pole
  16. Christmas Movie Marathon OR Holiday Music Blasting
  17. Eat Candy Canes OR Munch on Chocolate Coins
  18. Play in the Snow OR Stay Cozy Indoors
  19. Hang Stockings OR Decorate a Christmas Tree
  20. Traditional Christmas Dinner OR Something Unconventional
  21. Roast Chestnuts OR Bake Holiday Pies
  22. Read “A Christmas Carol” OR Watch a Christmas Movie
  23. Advent Calendar OR Countdown to Christmas App
  24. Visit a Christmas Market OR Online Holiday Shopping
  25. String White Lights OR Colorful Christmas Lights
  26. Jingle Bells OR Silent Night
  27. DIY Christmas Decorations OR Professional Holiday Decor
  28. Write Christmas Cards OR Send Digital Greetings
  29. Candy Cane Flavored Treats OR Gingerbread Flavored Snacks
  30. Attend a Christmas Parade OR Watch a Christmas Special on TV
  31. Knit Christmas Stockings OR Buy New Ones
  32. Holiday-themed Board Games OR Christmas Movie Trivia
  33. Eggnog OR Mulled Wine
  34. Volunteer for Charity OR Donate Gifts
  35. Early Christmas Shopping OR Last-Minute Rush
  36. Tinsel on the Tree OR No Tinsel
  37. Christmas Brunch OR Christmas Dinner
  38. Poinsettias OR Mistletoe
  39. Handwrite Gift Tags OR Print Labels
  40. Artificial Snow OR No Snow
  41. Matching Family Outfits OR Individual Styles
  42. Holiday-themed Novel OR Christmas Short Stories
  43. Polar Express OR Horse-drawn Carriage Ride
  44. Visit Somewhere Cold OR Vacation to a Tropical Destination
  45. Santa’s Elves OR Santa’s Reindeer
  46. Fireworks on Christmas Eve OR Quiet Evening by the Fireplace
  47. New Year’s Resolutions OR Enjoy the Moment
  48. Sing Christmas Songs at home OR Go Caroling Around Town
  49. Holiday-themed Puzzle OR Christmas Crafting
  50. Reflect on Past Winter Holidays OR Plan for Future Winter Holidays

Download your FREE Christmas This or That Printable

“Christmas This or That” is not just a fun game; it’s a way to reminisce, share preferences, and enjoy quality time with loved ones during the Christmas season. Whether you prefer the quiet moments of Christmas Eve or the excitement of Christmas morning, the holiday season is a time to cherish and create new memories.

As promised, we have a 5 page PDF of “Christmas This or That” for you to download and enjoy. Check out the Would You Rather Christmas questions edition. If you’re looking for more holiday fun, check out our hard Christmas word search printables here and our list of regular would you rather questions for teens here. Merry Christmas and happy gaming!