Random Animal Facts

Learn some fun random animal facts for kids in this blog post. There's sure to be something new to learn PLUS free PDF printables.

Do you know what a flamingo’s favorite food is? Or how big an elephant’s trunk can get? Learn some fun random animal facts for kids in this blog post. Whether you’re a fan of big cats or little rodents, there’s sure to be something new here for you to learn! So dive in and enjoy […]

Peru Facts for Kids

Peru Facts for Kids

Do you live in South America? Have you ever visited the continent? One of the countries in South America is Peru. In this blogpost, we will cover all the Peru facts for kids from its size and location, to its geography and population. There are so many interesting facts to learn about Peru so without […]

Rome Facts for Kids

Rome Facts for Kids

Have you ever explored the city of Rome? Or dreamt of walking around the Colosseum enjoying local favorites? While I can’t take you to the city itself, I can teach you all about the city with these Rome facts for kids. While you may know Rome for its chariot races and famous buildings, the city […]

Zebra Facts for Kids

Are zebras black with white stripes or white with black stripes? Their stripes can actually be white, black, or even brown! When it is first born, a baby zebra will have brown stripes and the rate at which they darken and become black depends on the species of zebra. There are three main species of […]

Birds Facts for Kids

Grey birds, black birds, white birds, oh my! There are so many different types of birds. From the Bald Eagle to the Arctic Tern, to the Common Raven, and the Great Blue Heron there are many bird species. Can you name any bird species? Keep reading Bird Facts for Kids to learn more bird species […]

Honey Bee Facts for Kids

Have you ever been stung by a bee? Do you know what kind of bee it was? From carpenter bees, to honey bees, and male drone bees there are so many different types of bees. In this blogpost, we will focus on honey bees. Honey bees are amazing creatures! They are known for their hard […]

Mars Facts for Kids

What is your favorite planet? Many people like Earth since it’s the planet we live on and some people like Saturn for its beautiful rings, but I like Mars. Mars is a fascinating planet in our solar system. It is the second smallest planet known for its reddish appearance. Do you know why it appears […]

Dog Facts for Kids

Read these dog facts for kids to learn about all the different breeds of dogs and the many characteristics of each.

Dogs are one of the most popular pets in the world! Nearly forty percent of American households own a dog. Do you own a dog? What breed of dog do you own. Is it a German Shepherd, Great Dane, or Golden Retriever? Those are just some of the most popular breeds of dogs. What other […]

Tornado Facts for Kids

From their size and their strength to their damaging windspeeds, learn tornado facts for kids and all the effects they lead to.

Whoosh! Did you feel that? It felt like wind or was it a tornado? Tornadoes bring extremely high winds that are powerful enough to rip down power lines, tear down homes, and uproot trees. Have you ever seen a tornado? How about the effects of one? Tornadoes can be scary, so it’s important you stay […]

Civil War Facts for Kids

Check out these facts and details of Civil War Facts for Kids. We will cover it all from the major battles to the commanding officers.

Do you know what the Civil War was? Maybe you’ve heard it called the War Between the States or the War of Secession. Whatever you call it, the American Civil War was a bloody war fought between the northern states and southern states, or slave states. Troops from the north became known as union soldiers […]