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Indoor Camping Party for Family Fun Night

Indoor Camping Party for Family Fun Night

Next time you need something super easy to entertain the kids for family fun night have an indoor camping party.  This is so easy to do and the kids LOVE it!  Now of course, I would prefer if every family actually went camping, but I know their are plenty of people that it is just not their thing.

So why not give your children the experience of camping without leaving home?  All you need is a play tent or even better make your own fort.  My children have always preferred to make their own forts for the indoor camp out.  Using almost every chair and blanket in the house they have created large indoor tents for sleeping or just hanging out.

If you use a play tent, see if the kids can set the whole thing up themselves without any help.

For the first part of the family fun night the kids can create the tent.  Toss a bag of clothes pins their way to help clip on the blankets and sheets to the chairs.  Next up, outfit the tent.  Grab some sleeping bags and a few pillows.  Each kid can set up their space.

Now time for some spooky stories.  Grab a flashlight and takes turns telling some good old fashioned ghost stories.

Don’t forget a “fireside” camping treat.  You could make smores without a fire.  Just assemble the ingredients and toss it in the microwave to gently heat it up.  Or wrap them in foil and put them in the toaster.

Indoor Camping Party for Family Fun Night Minute to Win It

How about a Minute to Win it themed camping activity? Walk around outside and gather a bunch of small twigs.  Put them on a tray.  Open up a bag of marshmallows and scatter them around the room.  Place a bowl on a table.  The object is to poke your stick into the marshmallow and bring it back to the table to remove it using another stick.  Place the marshmallow in the bowl.  You can not use your hands to pick up or remove the marshmallow off of the stick.  See how can get the most marshmallows in the bowl in one minute.  Don’t want to toss the marshmallows around the room?  Just put them on a large tray on a different table than the bowl.

Need more game ideas?  Read a previous blog post about games to play around the campfire that require no materials.

The younger kids will simply enjoy sleeping over on the floor in something they created themselves.

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