Easter Coupons for Kids

Easter Coupons for Kids from Growing Play

Easter is a wonderful time of rebirth and fresh starts.  And of course, candy and trinkets in the Easter baskets for the kids.  I created some Easter coupons for the kids to help celebrate this time of year.  These Easter coupons for kids are great because they are different from jelly beans and chocolates (although have to admit those are awesome)!  Print these out and your kids can redeem them whenever they want.  The coupons include:

  1. Pick a board game to play for 30 minutes.
  2. Stay up 30 minutes later at night.
  3. Movie night with popcorn.
  4. Breakfast in bed.
  5. Skip a chore.
  6. Extra 15 minutes of television.

They are a nice, FREE alternative for Easter time and will most certainly add to your children’s memories of Easter time.


Easter Egg Coloring Book

Easter Egg Coloring Pages instant download includes 18 different Easter eggs to color and 18 colored Easter egg cards. Just print out the Easter Eggs and use crayons, markers, watercolors or paints to complete the picture. These pictures are great because they are not super intricate and can be completed in a short amount of time.

Want to add in a coloring challenge? Cut out the colored egg cards. Can you color the egg exactly as pictured?  Want to add in a memory challenge? Print two pages of the colored egg cards on card stock paper. Cut apart the cards. Play a game of memory with the cards.  Want to make a cooperative art project with all the kids? Give each child and egg to color. Display the eggs on the wall when completed.

FIND OUT MORE and download a free coloring page.