Easter Maze PDF Freebie

Need a nice, quiet activity for the kids? This Easter Maze PDF freebie is perfect!

Need a nice, quiet activity for the kids? This Easter Maze PDF freebie is perfect! Toss it in the Easter basket for last minute fun. You can download it for free at the bottom of the post. How Does the Easter Maze PDF Work? All you need to do is these three steps: When Is […]

Easter Eggs Scissor Activity

I am always trying to create simple, activities that parents can easily print and have ready to go for their kids.  This Easter Eggs Scissor Activity is perfect for printing on colored paper to practice scissor skills and visual perceptual skills.  Print the one-page FREE pdf Easter Eggs Scissor Activity (download below) on colored paper […]


Scrambled Plastic Eggs Game

I don’t know about you, but we have plastic Easter eggs all over our house.  For some reason, the collection gets bigger and bigger each year. The Easter bunny brings some, there is always an Easter egg hunt somewhere to add more and I always seem to buy even MORE.  With six kids and loads […]


Slime Eggs

Today we made some awesome slime eggs that were super easy.  We have made this type of slime previously but it has been awhile and I forgot how great the end result is.  When we were playing with it today, I had a light bulb moment to put the slime in plastic Easter eggs to […]


Easter Coupons for Kids

Easter is a wonderful time of rebirth and fresh starts.  And of course, candy and trinkets in the Easter baskets for the kids.  I created some Easter coupons for the kids to help celebrate this time of year.  These Easter coupons for kids are great because they are different from jelly beans and chocolates (although […]


Free Easter Egg Coloring Page

This free, Easter egg coloring page is from the Easter Egg Coloring Pages download.  You can download it below. I love this simplicity of this picture.  The dark outlines allow room for error so children don’t have to color exactly inside the lines for the pictures to still look great.  The coloring page can be […]


Easter Egg Plinko

I got the inspiration for this activity from a Twitpic on Twitter. Basically we used a cardboard box opened up with the sides up. A child worked on pulling apart all the plastic easter eggs. We glued them down pressing hard to adhere each one. We added three slots to catch the ball at the […]