Slime Eggs

Slime EggsToday we made some awesome slime eggs that were super easy.  We have made this type of slime previously but it has been awhile and I forgot how great the end result is.  When we were playing with it today, I had a light bulb moment to put the slime in plastic Easter eggs to form it into the shape of an Easter egg.  My son loved it!  First of all he loves to crack eggs so he got to do it repeatedly.  Second of all, that first big squish when he would put the wiggly egg in his hand was so fun!  Finally, we added a small knife so he could slice all the eggs.  This was a good, solid 60 minutes of toddler entertainment.

The only tricky part is getting the ingredients.  It is equal parts liquid starch (find in the laundry detergent aisle) and clear glue.  For some reason, clear glue is very hard to find and have to admit not that cheap.  But worth it for this slime.  It lasts for weeks if you keep it in a jar.

These would be fun to make on April’s Fool Day in white to replace the real eggs!  Or make 1/2 dozen and put inside an egg carton to give as a gift on Easter.

What is your favorite slime recipe?

Easter Egg Coloring Book

Easter Egg Coloring Pages instant download includes 18 different Easter eggs to color and 18 colored Easter egg cards. Just print out the Easter Eggs and use crayons, markers, watercolors or paints to complete the picture. These pictures are great because they are not super intricate and can be completed in a short amount of time.

Want to add in a coloring challenge? Cut out the colored egg cards. Can you color the egg exactly as pictured?

Want to add in a memory challenge? Print two pages of the colored egg cards on card stock paper. Cut apart the cards. Play a game of memory with the cards.

Want to make a cooperative art project with all the kids? Give each child and egg to color. Display the eggs on the wall when completed.