Slime Eggs

Today we made some awesome slime eggs that were super easy.  We have made this type of slime previously but it has been awhile and I forgot how great the end result is.  When we were playing with it today, I had a light bulb moment to put the slime in plastic Easter eggs to […]

Water Bottle Shooter

Here is a real simple project that the kids will love. An adult should cut off the top of a water bottle so that you have just the part where you screw the cap on with a little bit extra. An adult should also cut off the neck of a balloon. Now just duct tape […]

Finished Product

Starting out with some recycled cardboard, duct tape and a broken toy truck, they completed their homemade robot. They were super proud of themselves as was I. They were able to stick the refurbished car inside the cardboard robot. Where the wheels used to be on the car, they attached some pipe cleaners with handy […]