Unicorn Treasure Hunt Game FREE Printable

Kids love treasure hunts!  Whether you create a hunt with clues to follow or a traditional scavenger hunt, kids love that to play detective to find all the objects on the list.

For the unicorn fans, I created this Unicorn Treasure Hunt Game (FREE download below).  Print the treasure hunt list, toss it on a clipboard and send the kids on their way.  This is an excellent birthday party game (divide into two teams who can find the objects on the list the quickest) or for one player to stay unplugged and occupied!  Laminate the page and use a wipe off marker to fill in the stars so it can be reused again.

This hunt requires that the children find objects related to unicorns.  The treasure hunt requires the children to find the following items:

  1. something magical
  2. a horn
  3. soft toy
  4. something that rhymes with the word unicorn
  5. purple object
  6. pink clothing
  7. rainbow (can be a picture of a rainbow)
  8. something fancy
  9. star shaped object
  10. stuffed animal

Looking for more printable treasure hunts?

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