How Many – Find and Count Pirate Puzzle

How Many  Count and Find Pirate Puzzle - FREE from Growing Play

How Many… Find and Count Pirate Puzzle – Here is another FREE pirate themed printable (download at the bottom of the post).  In this find and count pirate puzzle, you have to use your visual discrimination and counting skills to determine how many of each of the following objects are in the picture: skull/ crossbones, pirates, treasure chests and palm trees.  You need to count the total number of pirates pictured not just the one pirate next to the box.  Also, count each skull and crossbones as one object.  The answers are on page 2 of the PDF so do not peek until you are done counting.

This is a great free printable for a pirate birthday party, rainy day fun, boredom buster or just a fun challenge.  Try it out as a birthday party game – print out one for each child.  On GO each child has to find and count the objects.  The first kid to find and count the objects is the winner!  Download your FREE copy below to get started!

If this puzzle was too easy for you, try the Can You Spy the Match Pirate Puzzle.

If you like visual discrimination challenges, check out Visual Discrimination Seek and Find.  This download includes 8 full color boards with cards and 12 black and white boards to color.  Look for objects that are pictured on the tablet screen.  Match up the cards or color in the matching picture according to the key.  This activity encourages visual discrimination, visual closure and visual motor skills.  Kids will love the tablet theme!  Just print and play.  You will be able to download the document immediately after checkout.  Download a FREE hedgehog black and white sample page.

Print them and create busy bags for travel activities, quiet time at home, boredom busters or any time the kids unplug!