Pirate Party Games

5 Pirate Party Games from Growing Play

Pirate Party Games With Talk like a Pirate Day quickly approaching (September 19th), these Pirate party ideas will work out great for this fun theme day!  Here are 5 easy Pirate party games for a group, classroom or birthday party any day of the year! Pirate Numbers Game: This free download is basically keno for […]

Treasure, Map or Ship Pirate Maze

Ship Pirate Maze

Here is another fun pirate puzzle and printable for your pirate loving children for the next pirate birthday party, rainy day fun or unplugged activity.  You can download your free treasure, map or ship pirate maze below.  This maze challenges visual motor and visual spatial skills with a pirate theme.  Visual spatial skills requires the […]

How Many – Find and Count Pirate Puzzle

How Many Count and Find Pirate Puzzle from Growing Play

How Many… Find and Count Pirate Puzzle – Here is another FREE pirate themed printable (download at the bottom of the post).  In this find and count pirate puzzle, you have to use your visual discrimination and counting skills to determine how many of each of the following objects are in the picture: skull/ crossbones, […]

Can You Spy the Pirate Matching Puzzle

Pirate Matching Puzzle

Can You Spy the Pirate Matching Puzzle – This free pirate matching puzzle is a visual perceptual challenge.  Do you have good attention to detail skills?  Then this pirate matching puzzle is for you.  How quickly can you figure out which pirates match exactly.  You can download the pirate matching puzzle and the solution at […]