Pirate Party Games

5 Pirate Party Games from Growing PlayPirate Party Games

With Talk like a Pirate Day quickly approaching (September 19th), these Pirate party ideas will work out great for this fun theme day!  Here are 5 easy Pirate party games for a group, classroom or birthday party any day of the year!

Pirate Numbers Game: This free download is basically keno for kids. It is great for a HUGE crowd with minimal preparation and you are set to go. Play this game at a pirate birthday party, for indoor fun or family fun night!  Read more about it here and download the game for free.

This pirate numbers game is great for several reasons:

super simple to set up
can be played with a large group of kids and adults
game of chance – no skill involved
good for a wide age range
easier than Bingo

Pin the Eye Patch on the Pirate:  Print or draw a large picture of a pirate.  Cut out black and eye patches and number them.  Line the players up.  Put a blind fold on one player.  Spin the child around in a circle.  Can the child put the eye patch over the pirate’s eye?  If you need a printable for this activity, the Pirate Fun Packet includes this game!

Pirate Treasure Hunt:  Hide chocolate coins around the house or outdoors.  Let the children search for their pirate treasure!

Pirate Relay Races:  Divide the group into two teams.  Try some silly and fun pirate races:

  • Pass the Coconut – Stand in a line with one child in front of the other.  The first player in the front of the line passes the coconut over his head.  The next player grabs it and passes the coconut under her legs.  The third player grabs it and passes the coconut over his head.  Complete the over under pattern until the end of the line.  The last person runs to the front of the line and starts it over.  Whenever each player has had a chance to be in the front, the whole team sits down.  The first team done is the winners!
  • Walk the Plank – Put a 2″ x 4″ board down on the ground in front of each team.  The first team to get every player across the “plank” wins.  If you do not have a wooden board, you can use painter’s tape on the floor.

Cannon Ball Games:  Blow up lots of black balloons. Scatter them around the house or yard.  Set the timer for 2 minutes.  On “GO” everyone has to grab all the “cannon balls” before they blow up the pirate ships.  Can they bring them all back in under 2 minutes?  Scatter the balloons again – can they bring them all back in under 1 minute this time?

Separate into two teams in a large area.  Put a dividing line, rope or wooden board across the middle of the area.  Scatter the balloons everywhere.  Set a timer for 2 minutes.  On “GO” each team has to try and put the “cannon balls” over into the other team’s area.  When time is up, the winning team is the side with the least black balloons.  Scatter the balloons and start again.

Pirate Birthday Games and Activities

Check out the Pirate Fun Packet for more printable ideas.

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5 Pirate Party Games from Growing Play