Pirate Numbers Game – Birthday Party Game, Indoor Fun or Anytime

Pirate Numbers Game

I love to play different variations of the number game.  This Pirate Numbers Game is basically keno for kids.  It is great for a HUGE crowd with minimal preparation and you are set to go.  You can download your free Pirate Numbers Game at the bottom of the post. Play this game at a pirate birthday party, for indoor fun or family fun night!

This pirate numbers game is great for several reasons:

  1. super simple to set up
  2. can be played with a large group of kids and adults
  3. game of chance – no skill involved
  4. good for a wide age range
  5. easier than Bingo

Here is how you play:

Print, cut and laminate each card. Cut out the numbers 1-25 and put in a paper bag. Give each player a Pirate board with numbers 1-25. Each player chooses 10 numbers and places one bead on each number. When done, pick a number from the paper bag. If your number is called remove the bead. The first person who removes all 10 beads first is the winner!

If you do not have beads, the kids can just color in the 10 numbers they are selecting using a crayon, pencil or dot marker.  When a number is called, put a large X or check mark over the colored in number if you have it.

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