X-Ray Exercises Pretend Play or Halloween

Xray Exercises from Growing PlayX-Ray Exercises Pretend Play or Halloween

Children can use their imaginations and get some physical activity while they pretend to be skeletons.  Just in time for Halloween, this FREE printable (at the bottom of the post) is perfect to work off all that energy from eating candy.  Or add it into a lesson about body awareness, the skeletal system or for playing pretend hospital.

All you have to do is sign up for our FREE weekly newsletter below to gain access to the printable.  Once printed, see if the children can move their bodies exactly like the skeletons.  Here are some fun facts about the human skeleton:

  1.  At birth, we have 300 bones, but some of them fuse (grow together) so adults have 206 bones.
  2. Bones are growing throughout childhood development into early adulthood.
  3. The longest bone in the body is the femur (thigh bone) and the smallest bone (the stirrup) is in the inner ear.
  4. The skeletal system helps protect our body, produces blood cells and helps us move.
  5. EXERCISE and weight-bearing activities (ie standing, wheelbarrow walking, push-ups, jumping, etc) are super important for bone growth.

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Check out this fun video to learn the skeleton dance when you are done with your X-Ray Exercises.

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