Camping Charades Game for Kids – Free Printable

Camping Charades Game for Kids - Free PrintableCamping Charades Game for Kids – Free Printable

We love camping with the family.  In fact, we are heading out to go camping for a few days shortly.  As our youngest gets older and can stay up now around the campfire, I like to find games that kids of all ages can play.  Charades is a great one but often little ones need help thinking up ideas.  I created this camping charades game for kids so the little ones can play without help.  Instead of just a word, a picture is included for non-readers.

How to Play the Camping Charades Game for Kids

To play the game, download the free camping charades game for kids (at the bottom of this post).  Print out the one page in color or grayscale.  Cut apart the strips and fold in half.  Place in a plastic ziploc bag for bringing along on the camping trip.

When it is time to play, younger kids can pick a slip of paper from the bag.  Act out the camping word without making any noise.  Everyone else playing has to guess what the player is acting out.  For older kids and adults, they can pick from the bag or come up with their own ideas.

Another option for the older kids and adults is to provide blank slips of paper.  Each person writes down an idea on each slip of paper and puts it into a bag.  When an older kid or adult takes a turn they pick from this bag.  When the players are guessing, they are not allowed to yell out the answer if they realize it is the charade they wrote down.

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Camping Charades Game for Kids - Free Printable