10 Fun Activities to Do While Camping with the Family

10 Fun Activities to Do While Camping with the Family10 Fun Activities to Do While Camping with the Family

Most of the time when we go camping as a family we never are at a loss for finding things to do.  Maybe it is because we have been camping for years as a family.  Here is a list of 10 fun activities to do while camping with the family.  Sitting around the campfire is by far my personal favorite.  If you like non-stop entertainment on your camping adventure, there are plenty of campgrounds that provide activities for children and adults.  We prefer to relax and choose our own activities.

Wildlife Watching – Whether it’s bird watching or watching other types of wildlife, you can learn so much when you’re out in the wild. The kids love to go walking to check out different creepy crawlers and just the thrill of hunting for a bigger animal.  We have seen everything from salamanders to bears.

Hiking – If you have mountains nearby, it’s fun to hike up the mountain so that you can take in the cooler weather and views from the top.   We have a fire tower by us that is such an easy climb to amazing views.  Just make sure you know what you’re doing and dress for the terrain so you don’t fall.  Trust me when I say Crocs or other easy camping footwear are not hiking shoes.  Climbing up is fine, but coming back own is not so fine with improper footwear.  Your ankles will thank me for this tip.

Swimming – Most camping areas offer some form of swimming opportunity. Whether it’s a lake or a river, swimming is always fun for most kids and adults. Plus, it lets you cool off and feel refreshed.

Fishing and Boating – Some people like to catch their dinner, so if you have a boat you have many additional options while you’re camping. Even if you don’t have a boat, you still may be able to fish for your food. Check licensing requirements before fishing, though.  We always fish from shore or a boat dock.  Although we do have kayaks, it is too tricky with kids, kayaks and fishing poles.

Reading a Good Book – When you’re camping, it’s okay to be lazy. You can sit in a chair, or if you have a hammock stand, lie in there while you read a good book. It’s easier to read a book outside if you wear glasses or use a Kindle Paperwhite.

Canoeing or Kayaking– If you’re camping near a lake or river it’s likely that you can also enjoy canoeing and kayaking. You may not even need your own boat.  You can often rent them, or you can try rafting, tubing, or even white-water rafting depending on where you are.

Sitting Around a Fire – Start the conversation going with Camp Chat questions.  Play games or sing while you’re sitting around a fire enjoying s’mores. Singing together is always a fun thing to do.

Ziplining – Many camping site areas have planned activities nearby, and one fun thing to do is to go ziplining. Ziplining allows you to see the view from up top and also get a thrill from going down fast.  This is on our bucket list. It is hard for us to do this right now since we have a wide age range and it is expensive!

Trail Walking – Many campsites have walkable trails. Some of them have history, and others have exercise points where you can stop to do a different exercise. The most fun ones have a mixture of scenery, history, and exercise.

Take Photos – Don’t forget that this is a great time to practice your photography. Plus, good pictures of the kids having a good time are always fun to look back at years later.  One of our children usually creates a collage of the photos to remember the camping excursions.

There are so many things you can do while camping, including just sitting back and relaxing with a good book. Don’t underestimate good downtime as well as fun planned activities. Don’t overpack your days, because you want to have fun and relax too.

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10 Fun Activities to Do While Camping with the Family