Emperor Penguin Facts for Kids – Free Puzzle

Are you curious about emperor penguins? Did you know that Emperor penguins can live in the coldest places on Earth? They only live in Antarctica and sometimes the Arctic. They have a thick layer of feathers, which helps them keep warm when it’s really cold outside. They also stay close to each other so they get more warmth from their friends. You might think that these penguins are just big birds, but they’re actually very different than most birds! For example, they don’t fly as other birds do. Want to learn more cool facts about this amazing animal? Keep reading more about emperor penguin facts for kids and solve FREE emperor penguin worksheets too!

The emperor penguin printables include a three-page packet of penguin cryptogram puzzles. These penguin facts for kids printable puzzles can be downloaded at the bottom of the post. Check out these adorable cute penguin coloring pages when you are done here. They are free too!

Interesting Emperor Penguin Facts for Kids and Fun Puzzle

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Emperor Penguin Facts for Kids (and adults!)

Adult Emperor Penguins – the Largest Penguins

The Emperor Penguin is the tallest and heaviest of all penguin species. They can grow up to be as big as 4 feet tall and have a bodyweight of up to 100 pounds. Emperor Penguins reside in Antarctica, but they don’t stay there all year long. When winter comes, Emperor Penguins migrate north to warmer waters where they will spend the winter.

Baby Penguins

In Antarctica, Emperor Penguins breed and raise their chicks on the sea ice surrounding Antarctica. They are the only animal in the penguin species that breeds during the Antarctic winter.

The female penguin hatches a single egg. The male emperor penguins stand, for about 65 days, through icy temperatures and horrible storms using their brood pouch to keep the egg cozy and warm.

Female emperor penguins bring back regurgitated food (basically throw up) from the sea to feed the emperor penguin chicks after the egg hatches.

Special Adaptations

Emperor Penguins are able to endure living in freezing cold temperatures because they have an extra layer of dense feathers that keep them warm. This warm layer of feathered skin helps them to survive in cold climates.

Emperor Penguin Facts for Kids – They are Excellent Swimmers

Emperor Penguins are able to swim up to 20 miles per hour and can dive up to 1,800 feet below the surface of the water.

Flightless Birds

Emperor penguins are birds and have wings that are called flippers but they can not fly.

Feeding Time!

Emperor Penguins are omnivores and eat both animals and plants. They feed on fish, krill, squid, and other sea creatures.

Penguin Predators

Leopard seals are fierce predators that live in the frigid Antarctic waters, where they eat emperor penguins. Killer whales are also predators of penguins.

Friendships and Love

Emperor Penguins are very social animals and typically live in colonies of up to 10,000 penguins. They use vocalizations and body language to communicate with each other. Emperor Penguins are typically very loyal to their mates and will stay together for many years.


Emperor penguins live in large groups. They live in large colonies with thousands of other penguins. These colonies are called rookeries.

When it’s cold outside, penguins form a huddled circle to keep warm. The youngest members of the flock stay in the middle where there is plenty and adults sit on either side as protection from harsh winds that blow at freezing temperatures. What a nice safe, warm space for a little penguin!

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Download your FREE Emperor Penguin Facts for Kids Printable Puzzle

These fun facts about Emporer penguins are super interesting. Emperor Penguins are one of the most fascinating creatures on Earth and are a must-see for any nature lover. Thanks for reading Emperor Penguin Facts for Kids! If you want to challenge yourself more, test your puzzle-solving abilities with this free penguin cryptogram.

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