Animal Crossword Puzzle – Free Printable

There’s something captivating about the challenge of a crossword puzzle. It’s a fun, educational way to improve vocabulary and problem-solving skills. The joy only gets amplified when it’s an animal crossword puzzle, where the focus is on different animals, their features, and fascinating facts. This time we are offering a unique twist; our crossword puzzle incorporates pictures of 10 animals instead of traditional word clues. Let’s dive deeper into the world of animals and enjoy the fun in an educational way.

Exploring the Animal World Through Puzzles

From farm animals like the milk-giving cow to the awe-inspiring wild animals like the bear and tiger, a range of creatures call our Earth home. Some are small animals like the honey bees, while others like the blue whale are gigantic. The crossword puzzle grid we’re providing is an interesting and fun way to learn about these animals and their unique attributes.

The Animal Crossword Puzzle Clues

For each animal picture, there will be a written clue. Let’s look at the clues for our crossword puzzle:

  1. Cat – This small animal loves chase laser pointers.
  2. Bear – Honey bees beware! This big animal with sharp teeth loves honey.
  3. Tiger – A big cat known for its beautiful white stripes.
  4. Cow – A common farm animal that gives us milk.
  5. Rabbit – A small animal with big ears, known for its long jumps and long ears.
  6. Giraffe – The long neck and long legs are its most distinctive features.
  7. Fox – A wild animal with sharp teeth, famous in many fables.
  8. Lion – Known as the king of the jungle, though not seen in the jungle!
  9. Monkey – The primate with a long tail and a love for bananas.
  10. Dog – Known as man’s best friend, with hundreds of different breeds.

Fun and Educational

The animal crossword puzzle is not just a tool for entertainment. It also offers a rich and immersive educational experience. By solving this puzzle, you could learn new vocabulary words, interesting facts about the animal world, including the different breeds of dogs and the unique qualities of cold-blooded animals and more.

It’s an engaging way to introduce children to different aspects of the animal world. They can understand more about African animals, learn about animal cells, and discover the features of various animals, like a monkey’s big ears, a giraffe’s long neck, or a tiger’s distinct white stripes.

How to Download and Print the Animal Crossword Puzzle

This puzzle is designed to be printer-friendly. At the bottom of the post, you’ll find a link to download this free, printable crossword puzzle. For best results, use Internet Explorer or any other reliable browser to download the puzzle. Once downloaded, you can print it out, grab a pencil, and start solving!


Whether you’re a parent looking to entertain your children in a fun, educational way or an adult who loves puzzles, this animal crossword puzzle will provide hours of enjoyment. It’s a great way to learn more about the animal kingdom, sharpen problem-solving skills, and improve your vocabulary in an engaging manner.

By solving this crossword puzzle, you’re not only having fun but also diving into the world of animals, exploring their unique features, and learning interesting facts. So why wait? Download the free printable crossword puzzle today, and embark on a journey through the animal kingdom right at your desk.

Download the Animal Crossword Puzzle Here

Happy puzzling!