Outdoor Math Hunt

Here is a fun outdoor game to practice math skills.  We have played this before using cards and vocabulary words but figured we would change it up and practice math.  It works just like a treasure hunt. 1.  Head outdoors with sidewalk chalk.  Write the first problem i.e. 4+4=.  Continue creating problems and write the […]


Water Bottle Run

We created a fun water bottle run on the refrigerator yesterday.  First cut the bottoms off of water bottles (adult job).  Then duct tape magnets onto the bottles.  We taped the magnets on so we can reuse them another time.  Arrange the bottles in order so that objects can fall through all the way to […]

Pretend Play – Astronaut

Time for some imagination and pretending to be astronauts heading to outerspace.  There is a cardboard box with a paper plate on it and another box with a few colored circles – green for go and red for stop.  The kids loved playing in their rocket ship with their special suits on. Once they landed it […]