Miniature Landscapes

Head outdoors and create some miniature landscapes or terrariums.  This activity is definitely about the process and not the end result.  Each child used a container to create a small landscape using mud, moss, grass or whatever they could find.  The end result was meant for them to use with their play figures but they […]

Pretend Crutches

This is super simple but hours of pretend play. Just use cardboard tubes as pretend crutches. The ones pictured are thick cardboard so they have held up well. You could tape two long tubes together. These make a great addition for pretend hospital.     Need more ideas for pretend hospital check out these pretend […]

Pretend Play – Apothecary

The other night the kids had loads of fun creating “remedies”.  Not sure why they came up with this word but they concocted many recipes just using water, milk and spices.  It was Dad’s job to taste test!  He says he can still taste one that had too much cinnamon.  They did this for an […]


Jug Catchers

Recently, I saw this milk jug catcher over at Family Fun and it reminded me that I had made a set of these catchers years ago.   They are so simple.  Just cut off the bottom of a milk container and cover with a bit of duct tape for decoration.  Hold the container by the handle […]

Coins in a Water Jar

Here is a very simple activity that engages children of all ages.  Instead of practicing putting coins or buttons in a bank, try putting them in a clear container with water in it.  It is mesmerizing and pretty to watch them float to the bottom.  Lightweight, colorful buttons were fun to watch.  Fake coins were […]

Let’s Play Animal Hospital

Set up a pretend animal hospital.  Be sure to include an examining table, areas for the animals to rest, cages and crates.  The crates in this picture are containers or a storage cube turned on it’s side.Don’t forget to include all the props for examining the animals.  Here are some suggested props besides a vet […]

Water Bottle Shooter

Here is a real simple project that the kids will love. An adult should cut off the top of a water bottle so that you have just the part where you screw the cap on with a little bit extra. An adult should also cut off the neck of a balloon. Now just duct tape […]