Dream Coloring Page Freebie

Dream Coloring Page Freebie from Growing Play

Dream Coloring Page Freebie Do you ever daydream?  Does your mind wander off and imagine a happier place, your future goals or colorful dreams?  Mine does for sure and mostly during very stressful moments in my life.  In reality, it is actually a wonderful coping mechanism.  During a ridiculously crazy day with the kids or […]


Color by Number Robot

Color By Number Robot

Color By Number Robot This color by number robot activity is a perfect quiet activity for children when it is time to unplug or get creative.  You can download it for free at the end of the post by signing up for the Growing Play newsletter. This activity requires children to practice various skills:  focus, […]


Free Easter Egg Coloring Page

This free, Easter egg coloring page is from the Easter Egg Coloring Pages download.  You can download it below. I love this simplicity of this picture.  The dark outlines allow room for error so children don’t have to color exactly inside the lines for the pictures to still look great.  The coloring page can be […]