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Creative Brain Series Question #4 – Fountain of Youth?

Here we go again with question #4 – Imagine you have the choice to drink from a fountain that will keep you at any age forever.  At what age would you drink from the fountain and why? This post is part of the Creative Brain Series from Growing Play on creativity, imagination, outside the box thinking, something […]


City Hunt and Find Puzzle

 Need something for the older kids to do to keep them busy for a few minutes while waiting, riding in the car or just plain bored?  Here is a challenging puzzle to practice visual perceptual skills.  Print the City Hunt and Find puzzle from Growing Play. Need more game ideas?  Check out Category Games.

Color Car Road Trip Game

We have been playing different variations of this game for years. Here is how you play Yellow Car: Everyone looks for yellow cars. The game scores as follows: regular yellow car – 1 point, any yellow pick up truck – 5 points, yellow Mustang – 5 points and yellow Hummer – automatic win!  We keep score […]