5 Best Tips for Camping with Kids

5 Best Tips for Camping with Kids

I have been camping with our kids for about 15 years now every single year.  We happen to love everything about camping.  We do use our travel trailer when we spend weekends and sometimes weeks on Lake Champlain (which some people says is cheating since we are not tenting).  It is still camping to us.  We get to enjoy the great outdoors but sleep in a real bed every night off the ground.  We have done tent camping but with 6 children it would be way TOO MUCH WORK for my tastes as a vacation or weekend away.  So we stick with our travel trailer.  In fact we make it SUPER easy, since we have a seasonal camp site and don’t even have to move it on and off the campsite.  It stays in one location all year which happens to be right on the banks of gorgeous Lake Champlain.  I like to call it my poor man’s second home.  It truly is our second home in the summer without all the headaches of maintaining another full size house.  Here is a previous post I wrote about 5 reasons why every family should go camping.

So, here are my 5 best tips for camping with kids:

  1. Menu Plan:  When I have a set menu planned out and ready to go it makes it much easier.  I plan easy meals that require little prep and refrigeration.  Download a FREE Menu Planner here.
  2. Cut down on clean up time.  Bring disposable plates, cup, silverware, etc.  It is meant to be a break and time to relax.  Make clean up as easy as possible by throwing everything out.
  3. Remember you are bringing kids.  Pick a location that is suitable for children.  Do your research and make sure the campground or facility is family friendly.  You don’t want one of your first camping trips to be far from the bathrooms, campsite on the edge of a cliff, etc.  Provide the kids with a packing list and double check with them the most important items ie bathing suit, sweat shirt, long pants for bug protection, etc.
  4. Camp by the water if possible.  Children love to swim, boat, fish and sometimes just throw rocks.  Having fresh water close by can make the camping experience more fun.
  5. Bring games.  Read this blog post about my 6 favorite games to bring camping.  Spoiler alert – playing cards is #1.

If you are not the “camping type”, how about an indoor camping family fun night?

What is your top tip when camping with kids?

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