Pirate Facts for Kids

Yo ho ho! Who’s ready to learn some pirate facts for kids? From the first pirates to famous pirates and every pirate in between, we will cover it all! So, get ready to set sail and learn all about pirate facts for kids and pirate culture.

Who were the Pirates?

While pirates came from all over the world and many different countries, they were often from lower-class backgrounds and didn’t have much formal education.

Some pirate crews were known for being very strict and disciplined, while others were more relaxed. Pirates known for being very relaxed and easy-going often had parties and celebrations while at sea. They would celebrate their loot and treasures.

Pirate Facts for Kids – Pirate History

Samuel Bellamy is the wealthiest known pirate in history. Several pirates, including Samuel Bellamy, emerged as wealthy merchants during the Golden Age of Piracy.

Did you know there were also female pirates? Some of the most famous female pirates included Anne Bonny and Mary Read.

Several movies and television shows have revolved around the stories of pirates. One of the most famous movie pirates is Captain Jack Sparrow, a fictional pirate captain from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Characteristics of Pirates

Pirates were known for having a very aggressive and violent nature. Pirate attacks were common in the high seas to commit the act of robbery and murder. Pirates often looted ships and took hostages for ransom. Ruthless pirates would sword fight and make captives walk across wooden planks into the water.

Pirates were known for being excellent marksmen and using their cannons to attack enemy ships. Many pirates were skilled in hand-to-hand combat and used swords, knives, and other weapons in battle.

Pirate Facts for Kids – The Appearance of Pirates

Pirates typically had very colorful clothing and wore lots of jewelry. They did this to show off their loot and brag about their wealth to others. In order to be considered a successful pirate, you had to have a lot of money and pirate treasure.

Pirates are often portrayed as having a black beard, a wooden peg leg, and eye patches. What do you think the pirates looked like?

Pirate Behaviors

Pirates were often feared by sailors because they would attack without warning. And when the pirates attacked, they ATTACKED! Pirates often used violence and intimidation to get what they wanted and they definitely weren’t going to back down without a fight.

Believe it or not, buried treasure is real! Pirates sometimes buried their treasure on remote islands or in hidden caves. Where would you hide your treasure?

Pirates were often associated with the black market and illegal activities. They often used confiscated goods to trade for other goods or services, including money and gold. Because of this, pirates often avoided going to port because they were afraid of being arrested.

The Pirate Ship

Pirate ships were typically small boats that could move fast and were easy to maneuver. Having fast boats made it easier for the pirates to escape capture by larger ships and also allowed the pirates to sneak up on other boats.

Many pirates sailed under a black flag that showed a skull and crossbones, which was called a pirate flag or a Jolly Roger.

Did you know there were pets and other animals on pirate ships? Many pirates kept pet animals on board their ships, including parrots and monkeys. Which pet would you want to take on board your pirate ship?

Pirate Facts for Kids – Pirate Crews

Most pirate ships had a carpenter, cook, doctor, and navigator onboard.

Some pirate crews included women, who were typically treated equally to the men. A few of the most known female sailors, including Anne Bonny, were on board the ship of Captain Calico Jack Rackham.

Pirates typically divided their loot evenly among the crew, regardless of rank or position. So amongst all the bad acts that pirates committed, one thing is for sure, they definitely took care of their own.

Pirates as a Governing Body

Crew members typically elected their own captains, following a democratic nature of rule. Pirate committees were also prevalent among pirate ships, which was a decision-making team of ship officers. Officers, like the ship captains, had to be elected to different committees.

Many pirate ships had ‘ articles’, which was a set of strict rules that everyone on board had to follow.

Pirate Facts for Kids – The Luck of the Pirates

Pirates were known for being very superstitious and believing in lucky charms and omens. Some pirates would nail a horseshoe to the mast of a ship or the door of the captain’s cabin to provide the crew with good luck on their journey.

Pirates often had tattoos, which were considered bad luck by many people.

Let’s Summarize!

Arghhhhh! That just about wraps up our pirate facts for kids. What was your favorite fact? Maybe you liked how rich the pirates were and how they dressed to show off their wealth. Or maybe you appreciated the pirates for their fairness and equity among crew members. Or maybe you didn’t like learning about the pirates at all. No matter what your opinion on the pirates is, you can’t deny how interesting the pirate lifestyle was. Would you ever jump on a pirate ship? And, if so, what role would you like to play? I call captain!




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