Bat Facts for Kids

Bats flying around in the dark are sure to give anyone a scare, but have you ever stopped to think about what these bats are doing? Chances are, they are flying around hunting for food or trying to find their next roost. Bats are actually very interesting creatures and they do a lot to help […]

Arctic Animals Facts for Kids

Arctic animals facts for kids from Growing Play

Do you love animals? How about arctic animals? Animals in the arctic are some of the most beautiful and fascinating creatures on Earth! From polar bears, to arctic foxes, to snowy owls, arctic hares, and the seal we will cover arctic animals facts for kids about each of these animals. Do you have a favorite […]

Continent Facts for Kids

Continents of the World A continent is a large solid area of land surrounded by water. The planet Earth has 7 continents of various shapes and sizes all with different characteristics. In this blog post, continent facts for kids, kids will learn more about the various continents with these fun facts! Each continent has its […]

Atmosphere Facts for Kids

Atmosphere facts for kids from growing play

Do you love learning about the Earth? How about what’s outside the Earth? I’m not talking about the gas giants or the solar system, I’m talking about the atmosphere! Let’s learn some atmosphere facts for kids! Earth’s atmosphere is a layer of gases that protects our planet from harmful radiation, meteors, and other objects. The […]


Spring Facts for Kids

If spring is your favorite season, this is the article for you! You will learn fun spring facts for kids.

If you live in Upstate New York like me, spring can’t come soon enough! I’m ready for the warm weather and no more snow! Who’s with me? If you want spring to come you better get ready for it with these fun Spring facts for kids. From the spring equinox to the first spring flowers […]


Snowflake Facts for Kids

Have you ever seen a snowflake or caught one on your tongue? Snowflakes are fascinating, fun, and beautiful parts of nature. But what exactly are snowflakes and how do they form? Find out by reading the blog post below. WHAT ARE SNOWFLAKES? Snowflakes are a form of precipitation that usually fall during the winter months. […]

Whale Facts for Kids

Download your free whale facts for kids packet to read the facts, color in the whale, do the puzzle and complete the maze!

Woah, look out! it’s time to talk about whales! From the top of their heads to the tips of their tail fin we will talk about everything whale. These interesting whale facts for kids are sure to please! Download your free whale facts for kids packet at the bottom of the blog post. You can […]

Horse Facts for Kids

Do you love horses? You can download a FREE horse facts for kids. Read all about horses and complete the puzzles.

Do you love horses? I know I do! Horses are one of the most beloved animals on the planet. They can be used for many different purposes, such as transportation, farming, and sport. You can download a FREE horse facts for kids packet at the bottom of this post. You can read the facts, find […]

Fish Facts for Kids

Check out these fish facts for kids. Learn about the characteristics of fish, different species of fish, and more!

Do you love fishing? Do you love swimming in the ocean? Do you love learning? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this article is the one for you! Here are fun fish facts for kids. Download a free printable packet at the bottom of the post! Read the facts, find the differences, […]