Pretend Play – Astronaut

Time for some imagination and pretending to be astronauts heading to outerspace.  There is a cardboard box with a paper plate on it and another box with a few colored circles – green for go and red for stop.  The kids loved playing in their rocket ship with their special suits on. Once they landed it […]

Pretend Crutches

This is super simple but hours of pretend play. Just use cardboard tubes as pretend crutches. The ones pictured are thick cardboard so they have held up well. You could tape two long tubes together. These make a great addition for pretend hospital.     Need more ideas for pretend hospital check out these pretend […]

Pretend Play – Apothecary

The other night the kids had loads of fun creating “remedies”.  Not sure why they came up with this word but they concocted many recipes just using water, milk and spices.  It was Dad’s job to taste test!  He says he can still taste one that had too much cinnamon.  They did this for an […]


Pretend Shops

Recently on a weekend morning, the children thought up to play pretend shops. Each child created their own shop where they created prices for various services or items. They set up different stations in separate areas. I gave each child $0.50 to spend at the different shops. This lasted for hours. Here is what they […]


FREE Santa’s Workshop Download

You can get a free download of printables to set up a great Santa’s workshop this week before Christmas. There are several signs, toy design sheet, reindeer testing and toy testing ideas to get children’s creativity flowing.   Set up the space with a construction area (i.e. blocks, tinker toys and legos), invention area (loose parts, […]