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Word Association Game or Disassociation Game

Word association is a simple word game to play while waiting in a restaurant, on a long road trip or sitting around the campfire.  It is perfect for two people or a large group and you don’t need anything to play the game.

How to Play the Word Association Game

This game is super easy to play and it requires ZERO equipment or game pieces. For the word association game, all you need to do is to start with one word and then say the first word that pops into your head.  

The next person sitting to your right says the first word associated with the previous word. Take turns back and forth if two people are playing or go around the circle if it is a group.

Continue this pattern until a set number of words (ie 100 words or everyone takes 5 turns).  

For example, if player one says CLOUDS, player two says the first word that pops into his/her mind ie SKY, next player says BLUE, next player says RAIN, next player says RAINBOW – POT OF GOLD – LEPRECHAUNS – ST PATRICK’S DAY – GREEN – GRASS and so on…..

Here is another example – player one starts with the word BUS player two says TRAVEL, next player says ADVENTURE – SKY DIVING – DANGEROUS – SHARKS – SWIMMING – OLYMPICS and so on…

How to Play the Word Dissociation Game

For word dissociation, just change the rules and state the first word that pops into your mind that is NOT associated with the word.  For example, the starting word is FIRE – WATER – LIGHT – DARK – RAINBOWS – STARS – EARTH’S CORE – OUTER SPACE and so on….

Try it yourself.  Creating word associations is much easier than creating word dissociations.

Other Ways to Switch Up the Game

Set a timer. How many words can your group come up with in under one minute?

Try playing against each other. Make two teams – who can come up with the most word associations in under one minute.

Grab Bag Word Association Game: Have everyone in the room write down a word on an index card, fold it up, and put it in a hat. Players take turns going first and picking a word out of the hat. How many words can they associate with that word in under one minute? This version is only for that ONE player to come up with the words rather than working as a team.

When Is a Good Time to Play the Word Association Game?

We have played this game so many times around the campfire. It is so easy and great for all ages. If the little ones mess up and say some random word it really doesn’t matter – just keep playing with the word they thought up.

Every year we drive 24 hours in the car to Florida as a family of 8 – yup you heard me right 24 HOURS together! There are certainly times throughout the trip that we start to get super bored and this game definitely helps to pass the time and usually lands up with us laughing hysterically about certain word associations people come up with.

Why Is Important for Us to Play Games Like This One?

Games like this are so important for us to play today. Our smartphones are constantly in front of our faces when we have a few minutes to space. This results in decreased communication and less socializing in person.

Playing games, like the Word Association Game, allows us to interact together in real-time as real people! Not to mention, it helps children develop self-regulation skills which are critical for school.

Want to Play More Word Association Games?

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