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Unicorn Coloring Pages for Kids – Free Printable Sheets

The world of fantasy and magic never gets old, especially when unicorns are involved! If you’ve been on a quest for the perfect unicorn coloring page for kids, you’ve galloped to the right place. Whether it’s National Unicorn Day or simply a rainy day in need of a magical coloring adventure, these free printable unicorn coloring pages will transport your child to a fantasy land filled with these legendary, mythical creatures. You can download your FREE Unicorn Coloring Pages for Kids printable PDF packet at the bottom of this post.

Dive into the Magical Creature World with the Best Unicorn Coloring Pages

Unicorns, often described as white horses with a single, spiral horn, have been a part of fairy tales and legends for centuries. They represent purity, magic, and beauty. Many kids of all ages (and even some adults!) are unicorn lovers, finding solace in coloring these majestic creatures. Check out the entire collection of FREE cute coloring pages here.

Why Unicorns are a Great Way to Engage Kids in Coloring

  1. Boosts Creativity: Choosing pastel colors or the vibrant colors of the rainbow for a unicorn’s mane or tail can be a fun activity. It becomes a creative outlet, where children experiment with colors.
  2. Enhances Fine Motor Skills: Coloring within the lines, especially detailed designs, helps improve hand-eye coordination.
  3. Educational: As children color, they can also learn about the different types of unicorns, from the legendary unicorn of Greek mythology to the winged unicorn of fantasy tales.

Coloring Pages for Older Kids and Younger Kids Alike

The collection of free unicorn coloring pages we have curated is diverse, catering to kids of all ages:

  • For younger kids, simple unicorn coloring pages or those with thick lines are perfect. Adorable baby unicorn coloring pages or those with a simple design, like simple unicorn outlines, will be a hit!
  • Older children might enjoy complex designs, maybe a midnight unicorn on a starry night or a beautiful unicorn amidst intricate flowers.

What is Included in the Unicorn Coloring Book for Kids FREE PDF?

Delight in our FREE printable PDF packet, which brims with enchanting unicorn illustrations waiting to be brought to life with colors. This exclusive collection features 10 free coloring pages, each uniquely crafted for an fun coloring experience.

The printable unicorn coloring sheets includes the following:

  1. Simple Unicorn
  2. Winged Unicorn
  3. Fairy Tale Unicorn
  4. Rainbow Unicorn
  5. Midnight Unicorn on a Starry Night
  6. Happy Birthday Unicorn
  7. Spiral Horn on a Beautiful Unicorn Head
  8. Flowers with a Unicorn Head
  9. Rainbow and Rain
  10. Adorable Baby Unicorn Coloring Page

Looking for More than Just an Easy Unicorn Coloring Page?

If you are looking for more intricate and detailed designs, you can explore the following pages:

With such a variety of options, your child is sure to be engrossed in a magical world of unicorns. Dive in and explore! 🦄🎨

When Is a Good Time to Use the Color the Unicorn Pictures?

This printable packet is great for:

  • unicorn themed birthday parties
  • rainy day fun
  • early finishers in the classroom
  • any time the kids unplug and more!


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