I Love Camping Printable

This I Love Camping printable is FREE from the Camp Art pack.  I happen to truly love camping.  I started putting together this packet of Camping Art just because the pictures remind me right away of fun memories and relaxing while camping.  There is just something about camping – the sights, the sounds and the […]

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Waiting Games – 20 Games to Pass the Time

Waiting Games is a 22 page download of twenty games to play while on a road trip, waiting for an appointment or sitting around a campfire.  This collection of activities encourages children to develop self-regulation, creativity and communication skills while they wait. This packet includes games such as 60 Seconds, Reverse 20 Questions, Let’s Debate, […]


Homemade Glowsticks

My 6 year old daughter came up with this idea for homemade glowsticks. She laced some fancy star beads and glow in the dark beads onto pipe cleaners. She made a loop at one end so she could hang them up at night when we are camping.  They came out really pretty.  She plans on […]