Teaching Bicycle Riding

One of the milestones I love to teach my children is learning to ride a bicycle without training wheels. For some children it comes easier than others. Since I am a mother and a pediatric physical therapist, I have taught many children besides my own to ride a bicycle. If you are currently teaching your […]

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Rock and Roll

Here is a fun activity combining the outdoors, crafting and gaming! Oh yeah and it incorporates a holiday theme – Valentine’s Day. You could change it up by changing what you paint to match any holiday. You can read or watch the video for how to make the game.Head outdoors and gather up 10 smooth, […]

Family Cooking Wars

With fickle weather in upstate New York, our family has come up with some crazy ideas to keep us busy indoors. With five children ranging in age from 11 years to 16 months, you have to get creative to keep everyone interested. One thing that we all love to do is to participate in a […]

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Indoor Snowballs

Here in upstate New York we have had a very mild winter. This is great since we can still play outside without a few feet of snow on the ground, but the kids are definitely missing the snow. I made some indoor snowballs that stored in a handy snowman container (recycled baby puff cereal container).We […]


Pretend Shops

Recently on a weekend morning, the children thought up to play pretend shops. Each child created their own shop where they created prices for various services or items. They set up different stations in separate areas. I gave each child $0.50 to spend at the different shops. This lasted for hours. Here is what they […]

Push Children to Be Creative

Technology offers us information at all hours of the day bombarding us with knowledge. With everyone having access to “google” at anytime, children need to be taught to think outside the box. Parents and teachers can provide opportunities for children to be more creative. One way to do this is to provide challenges that can […]

Play Outdoors Flag Hunt

This is a favorite outdoor game – flag hunt. Here is how you play: 1. Preparation: To make the flags, cut up four different colors of fabric or felt. Make sure you have one of each color strip for each team. We play with two teams so you need 2 of each color. If you […]